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Yulin Festival 2017: “How Man turned into Dog Eating Monster!!”


Yulin festival is a dog eating festival, where thousands of dogs are slaughtered. The date of monstrosity is 21st June 2017 – 30 June 2017, dogs and cats are picked from local streets. Moreover, it is a tradition of China where local people eat the dog meat. Seriously! How can a man eat a dog? Probably, you are pondering with the answer, the replies cling to your mind will be Religion. The omnipotence power created universe, no matters who you are, a dog or a human being, we share same soul. This 10 day festival is commercialized to dog meat vendors, who propagates that eating dog meat will bring good destiny. There are many petitions filed against Yulin festival.

1. No Dog-Eating Laws


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Chinese government has strict rules and regulations, regarding dog meat. In reality, no sort of such rule is implemented. However, a dog is boiled and slaughtered with the knife because boiling makes the meat good in taste. According to survey, around 10,000 animals are killed in the horror festival.

2. Dogs Rescue Team


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Many animal organisation such as HSI, Animal Hope, and Animal Asia have rescued around 10,000 dogs, before Chinese dog eating festival. It is estimated that this Chinese dog business is around $2 million. Almost, every individual is aware about this, but neglect this. In contrast a dog protects man, even more human is killing them.

3. Superstitious Religion


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Chinese dogs are considered epitome of wealth, success and fortune. Furthermore, dogs are burned alive in front of everyone. While this act of cruelty cannot be stopped, until humans turned animals don’t stop this practice. An Activist of an Animal Organisation was dragged to death, while rescuing a dog.

4. Slaughter of Dogs and Cats


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Human Society International estimated that this billionaire business is operated on the death of 10,000 dogs. Dogs are transported from other cities to meet the demand of vendors. Piled up in cages on the back of trucks, many dogs died lack of food. However, a human being is a dog as compared to an animal.

5. Campaign launched to end the gruesome festival


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Chinese government is pressurized from International Animal Associations. Being a fundamental ingredient of the dish, dog meat is demanded in the market at any cost. A positive response recorded last year, 64% Chinese people want to ban this festival. Henceforth, filing petitions won’t help to save the animal. The government needs to take strict action against cruel vendors.

6. Dogs are burned alive


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Many people claimed that eating Chinese meat heals the maladies and impotency. To keep their meat fresh, dogs head are smashed with hammers. Havoc! How human being can kill any animal in such a barbarous form. However, you will be in shame, when you come to know that there are over 1000 slaughter houses, to burn dogs alive.

Pondering! Over thoughts are intermixing in your mind. However, it should be as you are a dog. Feeling angry, that’s the truth I AM PROUDLY SAYING THAT I AM A BLOODY DOG. Killing that poor animal doesn’t make you human being. Henceforth, while taking a genuine resolution just make promise that you won’t let anyone to do this.


  1. I don’t think it will end soon. THE brutality sickens me beyond words. Flabbergasted that the world doesn’t step in and make it stop. People everywhere are hating China over this. To see these people laughing over the screams and agony of the animals makes you think they are insane or mentally retarded. Can all of China be insane?? To take part in this or to ignore. It’s hideous and shameful.

    • Glad Mary that you hold such a wonderful opinion about animals awareness. Well, if we create the awareness then it will be going to work out. We can’t blame China for this thing, a country is made from people. Henceforth, until people are not aware no one can progress.

      • Whatever a tradition may be, nothing condones brutality and torturous acts like this. Eat what you want but don’t treat it so evil and inhumanely. They are screaming and screeching and people are laughing at this. I don’t think that has anything to do with a tradition…..to enjoy torture like that. That’s evil people. I’m not hating China. I’m hating these Chinese people, and any other culture who are doing this and with all the uproar I don’t get why the Chinese government doesn’t stop it. It’s in their hands. In all the world, treating animals this way is not condoned. It’s backwards and sick. I’m so bewildered by this whole thing. How it can be allied to happen this day and age. It’s just so wrong.

        • Totally agree with your view point that human being are havoc. Chinese government has taken steps but you know how people are. They just took religion as their pride and do violence. Killing of animals beyond limit is a cruel thing Mary. If a human being is killed by animals, we simply kill that animal. Perhaps, when a animal is killed we just watch it over and laugh on them. Havoc !!! there is no use of such religious prayer, when individuals didn’t started acting as human beings.

  2. This is really sad and disturbing but you have to think about it, its their tradition and they might think its odd we eat huge steaks or something called a turkey.

    • Luci I understand your idea completely that its sadden as I talked about their religion . Just give a think that eating animal with such pleasure is a gruesome thing. This post is not specifically for targeting any religion. Foremost about animals brutal killing.

  3. Factory farming is so horrible as well, I know. I eat no animal. I have no right to do so. Animals are beautiful. All of them. But we don’t enjoy torturous acts such as these. I only see that in Asian countries. And I am thankful that some of them are trying to make a stand. It just needs to happen more quickly.

    • Perhaps Mary, killing of every animal is gruesome act. Plants and animal are pure gifted souls of nature. We humans don’t have any right to kill them for our religious rites.


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