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WannaCry – Are Your Smartphones Safe Or Not?


When we talk about smartphones, the first thing which comes in mind is that it should have a good camera quality, great performance, metal body and as many features we can think of. Do we make Security a priority when buying a smartphone or while using it. Have you thought about WannaCry Ransomware infecting your phones too? We have so many personal and sensitive stuff on our smartphones. Can we afford it to be lost or misused?

Today smartphones are more than just for making calls and sending texts. We use them more for storing our personal stuff, making payments, keeping even confidential information as well and so many other things which we won’t like to be accessed by others or getiing lost. So, it’s a high time to talk about security of our phones when we are seeing that WannaCry Ransomware is infecting systems worldwide. Then the question comes to our mind that “Are the smartphones which we using, safe and secure or not?

Good News – Google is there to protect your phone



Yes, the good news is Google is protecting your smartphone every month by providing security updates for Android Phones which you install and make your device feel on a refreshed mode.

Even the devices which have older version of Android like Lollipop or Kitkat receive these kind of updates even though they are unable to use new functions like Google Assistant. Google also tries to send security updates for most of the Android versions even then there are many devices running on outdated software which can be said to be endangered to ransomware attacks. But don’t worry Google is still there to safeguard you.

Easy tips to make your smartphones safe from ransomware attacks

  • Backup your data on any external hard drive or any other system so that your personal data can be protected.
  • Don’t open emails from suspicious senders as it can also contain virus which locks up your system. It is the major cause of these type of attacks.
  • Use a good AntiVirus program to stay safe.
  • Install updates whenever you get one. Companies are providing you with security updates every month.
  • If attacked, don’t panic just shut down the system and network immediately.

These are the simple steps you can keep in mind to stay protected. Your protection is in your own hand. Safety for your devices should ultimately the first goal as your system contains more information about you than anybody else.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe



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