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WannaCry Ransomware – Get to Know About It


You must have heard about WannaCry or WannaCrypt Cyber Security attack that has affected over 300,000 Windows systems worldwide including countries India, USA, UK, Russia, China, Spain, Brazil, Ukraine and many others in North and Latin America. Why are people getting affected? The reason behind the people getting affected by the cyber attack is that they are not aware about the cause for it which is ultimately making our digital lives in danger. Read further to get to know about this growing threat and protect yourself from it.

Now before you get to know about this growing cyber attack these days, first to understand what the Ransomware is actually? If you understand this that what is Ransomware then you can find your way to stay aware of this and take preventive measures so that it might not happen to you. So, at the first you should know about the Ransomware.

What is Ransomware?



Ransomware could be a form of malicious code that blocks access or locks up the files on your laptop or computer and demands some amount which you then pay to get back your access to computer and important data residing on it. Ransomware can be simple as well as really dangerous.

A simple ransomware can lock the system in a manner that reversing it may not be a big deal for any knowledgable person. But on the other hand it can be really dangerous that if it gets in then you will be losing every information if the attacker’s demand is not fulfilled. That means if you are a person with confidential information which you can not afford to be leaked or lost at any cost then you have to pay the ransom without any other choice. The only way to prevent from becoming a victim is to get aware and adopt measures so that you can suffer from this situation.

WannaCry or WannaCrypt Ransomware



This ransomware is one of the largest attacks which is escalating across the globe nowadays. As few days back it is detailed that a dangerous trojan virus is infecting mainly Windows systems, encrypting nearly all information and demands an amount of $300 that has to be paid in Bitcoin to an anonymous or unknown account to regain full access to your files and system. If the amount is not paid within 3 days then it increases from $300 to $600. Then after 7 days of non-payment, your system’s content be entirely deleted.

Now the question is mainly Who’s at risk?

Certainly, the answer for it is that WannaCry is earmarking three versions of Windows Operating System in specific:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003

So, now it’s time to get more conscious about security of your PCs, Laptops, Mobiles. Things are getting change day by day and in order to go with the flow, just be aware and make yourself safe from getting into trouble.

It’s high time for Windows users, just open up Windows Update Center and ensure that all the security fixes or patches has been installed. If not, get off your bed and fill your download list from these patches first.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe



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