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Trump crump the future of the world


Donald Trump is one of the powerful leaders of the world. His engagement with President Putin, one-China policy and H1B visa policies, has created shambles in the economy of many countries. During campaign Trump states that “I am a big fan of Hindu. I am a big fan of India”. Did he mean that he will annihilate Indians or boom the development of the country? Well, this statement is ambiguous in nature. In recent accident of racism, a Kansas engineer was killed. The new changes of the H1B visa has create the massive impact on the job of techies. Perhaps, these incidents are just minor. Trump launches the chemical weapon attack on the natives of Syria. Here is a darker side of Trump, who is playing with the world.


1. Prohibited the entry of non-U.S. Muslims



Trump’s government believe that Muslims are risk to their national economy. Despite, the attacks of terrorist group ISIS, Muslim religion is suffering.

2. Probed the identity of Obama

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Obama is an Afro-American citizen of the USA. During the interview session, Trump was asked about the origin of the previous president. Perhaps he replied that “i don’t know. I really don’t care”. To clear this misconception of his identity, Obama release his birth certificate in 2011.

3. A wall between Southern America and Mexico



Mexicans has lawfully obtained the US citizenship and working on the top reputed companies. Trump has expressed his views that a great wall should be build between two countries. The immigration rules and regulation bared the entry of any non-USA citizen in the country.

4. Offense the creative industry



Being millionaire, Trump owns various websites and said that “They do a website. It costs me three dollars. Perhaps!!! Creative web designers and businessmen were offended. Creativity is an art, which artist can depict in the real framework.

5. Would like to woo his daughter




In a numerous occasion, Trump glorifies the beauty of his daughter Ivanka. During the interview session with ABC’s The View; he added that “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter; perhaps I’d be dating her”.

6. Offense the politicians of the world



According to Trump’s ideology “good people don’t go into government”. Politics is a profession, where majority of the leaders are working for the welfare of their countries. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King are the iconic figures among political leaders.


Playing with the economy of the world, Trump is ostracizing the under-developed countries of the world. The doom of the USA is forecasted, in which the Trump’s government is working. Indians are facing racism and honour killing. Do share the post, to raise your voice against Trump’s government.

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    • Correct Sophia, there will be a time when U.S.A economy will be crashed. Women are no longer safe in any corner of the world. Leaders like Trump are badly depicting the image of women.

  1. Yes, I have heard of all these things, it’s terrible. First of all, I think that not allowing Muslims or any other religious group into the U.S. is unconstitutional. I also think that building the wall is a joke. He is super creepy about his daughter too. It’s one thing to compliment on her beauty or brains but it’s another thing to go as far as to saying that you would date her if she wasn’t your daughter.

    • Perhaps, Marlena are absolutely correct. It is not about any religious groups, Trump is ostracising immigrants from the economy of the U.S.A. He is in delirium that his administration can ran without engineers or doctors. Most of the Indians are holding top position in the Silicon Valley. Beyond this, when a father can make such a weird comment. Can we expect that women will be safe in his political rule? Absolutely a big no. Soon days will be coming, when there will be only Adam living without Eve.


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