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TRAVELotsav – Exploring Passion of Travellers


TRAVELotsav was sharing the experience of travelers. The people who not only travel but unravel the authenticity of new places. Places which are of new people, new food and wholesome experience. The more you experience, the more you gain an insight of Inner-self. Capturing and receiving the entries of travelers, Travelotsav brings you the diaries of passion. All are the winners for them, but giving one title is necessary. So read the mesmerizing stories of various travelers which make you enthralled.

Abhinav‘s diary of Shillong is captivating. Martin Dummet and Sid Yadav has got a tie and our 1st Runner-ups. Sudhir Kumar is our 2nd Runner-up.
Congratulations guys and read below the best travel diaries and create your one and tell us.

winner1. Abhinav Arora – Shillong, Meghalaya

The Reminiscences of a Trip to Paradise

abhinav_arora 1

One just cannot pen down the exquisite beauty of Shillong – the capital of Meghalaya which also means ‘The Abode of Clouds’. Despite being one of the smallest states of India, Shillong proudly stands out with its sprawls of hills and array of tall trees. It was in March 2017, when 12 of us pursuing MBA at IIT Kanpur, decided to embark on a journey to relish the beauty of Shillong.

abhinav_arora 2

We roamed through Mawlynnong- the cleanest village of Asia, floated on the waters of the Dawki river, walked more than 3500 steps to reach the double-Decker root bridge in the East Khasi Hills, trekked along the David Scott trails and devoured the lip-smacking momos (dumplings) on the streets of Lapalang. The place has occupied a small portion of our hearts and the memories made will be cherished for a lifetime.

1st runner_up2. Martin Dummet – Australia

Surviving Fruit Picking in Australia!

martin_dummet 1

Australia is a country that needs no introduction. Being a UK passport holder, it has it’s own perks in life. Today I am working as a digital travel nomad and earning a lot of money, and doing not much in regards to work. Just I need a Wi-Fi and access to a computer. A few years ago I left UK and went to Australia on a 1-year working visa on my own, and decided that my main city will be Melbourne, what a great choice it was.

Melbourne is still my favorite city, even after being to over 35 countries, I have been back many times, and still adores this place. So… being on a one year visa, I planned to stay longer in this great country, so the easiest route is to work on a farm or orchard, mostly being a fruit-picker, is the most common type of work, so you have to work at least 3 months, then you get approval and you can apply for another visa. Well it’s not so easy as thought, picking apples and pears from a tree, it has to be easy. Well getting up at 4-5 AM everyday, sleeping in horse shed accommodation, working in temperatures up to 50 degrees, no breeze, and then you have the creatures. The creatures were big spiders and snakes. It was very common and I was really fascinated by this.

martin_dummet 2

But it was like having a party every night, we were a good 2-hours walk away from the nearest population centre (town) so you just stayed on the farm, did the work and then got drunk at night, that’s what it was, it was like a party job. Now doing the work for 3 months, it was not easy. I will admit there were times when I found it so hard, in detail picking peppers, the strain on the back was incredible, I remember coming back and I couldn’t even walk.

martin_dummet 3

But I met some really good cool people on the farm and we all stuck together. The four of us survived and did the 3 months till the end, out of the 30 odd people who attempted it, only 4 of us made it from that group, and we are still all very good friends to this day, 3 lads from the UK and one from the Netherlands. We have met with other in different locations all around the world since, and one of them, I have actually met in 4 different countries since. But in regards to fruit picking, yes it’s so hard with all the conditions, but believe me, you will have an amazing time, if you blend it all together in the right way, and can handle the creatures.


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1st runner_up3. Sid YadavAuckland, New Zealand

Calm Down, It’s AUCKLAND!

sid_yadav 2

New Zealand is a country made of two volcano and glaciation. Wellington is the capital of the country. Auckland was the place always added in my bucket list for the travelling. My cousins are living in New Zealand and whenever visit India, they share the stories of their city. The day finally came and I boarded the flight of New Zealand all alone. Imagine an Indian boy on the trip to Auckland.

The expedition was started all with zest over the mind. Sadly, my first experience was so bad, I got lost on the streets, there was no battery in my phone. Luckily, I called my cousin from someone else phone and I was picked up by my cousin.

sid_yadav 1

After the dirt and pollution of Delhi air, the atmosphere of Auckland was so chilling. The wind was blowing fast with all leaves around. I cannot describe the feeling in words. I went to various places to Sky Walk, Botanic Garden, and Crystal Mountain. The Crystal Mountain has heart-wrenching view, it felt like nature was inside me. I wish it to jump and shout to the loudest. There I met with a guide and learnt a new experience from him. His words are still echoed in my mind that “You got to ought one life, live each moment and never worry for future“. That was all about New Zealand.

2nd runner_up4. Sudhir Kumar – Dalhousie, Khajjar

Place worth indulging with!


Nature is not just made of trees, flowers and scenic beauty. Instead, something which captivates you for a long time. Although I am not a travel freak just a normal person. Work, family, and girlfriend this is the small world in which I live. Messed with the life and work, I went to a nearby place to my hometown Dalhousie. Dalhousie is a small hill station located in the Himachal Pradesh, India. The place has it’s own beauty with Victorian style buildings. The famous attractions of the hill stations are Khajjar, Panch Pulla, Satdhara Falls, and Dalkund Peak. However, I do not know the much about the historic facts of the place.


Continuing with my travel diaries I cannot describe the place. The journey began in late midnight with my school buddy. At that time I was disturbed as I had a fight with my girlfriend. Perhaps, a chilled wind and moonlight made me remember someone. Her face was flashing in my eyes and was imagining she is seating behind me. In the sad mood finally, we arrived in Khajjar. No words no pictures can tell what the place is all about. There was something in the air which makes the person touch with the eternity. At one point I thought I was in heaven where I met my dad and cried. There was a flower which was beautiful with the color. These color were lost to me once, now regained. As I said earlier I am not a travel freak. However, I just tried to write down my thoughts on the description of the place. It’s just what you experience that you write. I write what I feel the most in the hills.

5. Suniket Roy – Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Alluring Sense Of Calm And Peace!

suniket_roy 2

Manali is a small hill station located in Himachal Pradesh, India. Surrounded by the scenic beauty, ice and forests, Manali is the most beautiful tourist place. I travel to many places & specially mountains there is kind of attachment to those heights & that peace to enjoy nature. One of my favorite destination is Manali. I would like to share the experience from last year. During Christmas time, I traveled solo & organized trips with the group at the same destination. This time it was Manali. I was very happy when I was roaming around the city, specially when you just like the little place. It is necessary to stay comfortable in cold temperature. Taking a walk in midnight on streets with your friends was fun. Sitting under moonlight, shivering and enjoying the music of acoustic guitar. Singing along with group was unforgettable.

suniket_roy 1

Exploring the local market and buying the unique things which you will get there only was amazing. Everything was so perfect that you really don’t wanna go back. I found some good & best buddies who were travelers like me & now they are part of my team. We organize trips along as a group. There are lot to share about our experience, the things we do, how we manage professionally & how we create humor and entertainment.

6. Saurabh Pipelewar – Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Unexplored Destination!


Fed up with corporate world, those clients, entrepreneurs, and meeting just screwed me. I love travelling to new places and meeting new people. In reality what they can teach you, no one else can do in your life. To seek the inner-self and peace, I undertake the journey to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh. There were many places that were explored were Sarahan, Sangla, and Manali. I decided to keep my journey long, so that I can make my health well. As travelling to heights just worsen my health issues. I bought apples and stayed in camp under the stars. There were dangerous mountain track and we reached our destination finally.

7. JM Kayne – Osmena Peak Adventure, Cebu

Worth Spending life!


Last year me with my friends visited this place. Thinking what O.Peak can be? I researched from internet, family and friends, finally got some information. One guide Kuya Randy guided us along the path and helped to climb the mountain which took around 20-25 minutes. The most eye-catching thing was watching the sun setting from above the hills. The weather conditions were very bad, there was a chill wind. At one point of time, we feel that it will be difficult to survive so we prayed to the Almighty. In the end I suggest is you to go and spend a night.



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