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Travel And Unravel About Indian Streets


Streets are the roads which connect cities and countries. In foreign countries, there is no hustle and bustle of people, hawkers, and animals. However, things are entirely different in the country India. India is a country of bhai-chara (brotherhood) where streets are never quiet. Whenever you walk in ‘Gali’ and ‘Mohallas’, all you find are different things. Furthermore, each corner of Indian street will teach my foreign bhai (brother) something good. Definitely, India will be added to your bucket travel list when you will see our streets. Believe me! You won’t be able to return to your home country, once you enter in India. Find out yourself why I am shouting for Indian streets. When you will see them, you will gain experience.

1. Street animals – Humans and Animals live together


Cows, dogs, cats, monkeys, buffalo, camels, pigs, and donkey are some street animals which you can find on Indian streets. A real zoo where many animals roam like ‘Swaggers’ and eat delicacies. Streets are full of animals and Indians feed them properly. However, it symbolizes how we live together with animals. Once you enter in our country, you will be the part of our family. For instance, ‘Cow’ is a sacred being for Hindus, who worship the being like ‘Goddess’.

2. Food Stalls – Spicy cuisines with scrumptious taste


Indian spicy food is the trademark of the nation. We serve food not only with exquisite cutlery but with the love. Perhaps, street food such as ‘Gol-Gappe’, ‘Vadda Paao’, and ‘Jalebi’ can make you crazy and eat like an elephant. Why don’t you try out yourself? Many street hawkers went street to street to sell their cuisines. We are not required to go to restaurant or order online food. When food is walking in our streets, why go out. Instead, give some extra tip to that street hawker who serves delicacies to us. Pack your bag and travel India.

3. Helping hands – Not required to use GPS  to find the streets

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In the foreign land, you are always advised to use GPS to locate your travel destination. Likewise, on Indian streets, you will find many people that will tell you the shortcuts. People always help strangers who are lost and they will drop you at your place. Our helping hands are available everywhere. Give us a chance and visit India on your vacations. Similarly, you will find old generation seating under the tree. They will be playing cards and converse with each other. Henceforth, no old age home, parents live with their kids. Indian traditional values had tied the families in one thread.

4. Fighting of Neighnours – Source of Entertainment


Probably, you watch some online laughter comedies show to reduce your stress. Once again, Indian streets resolve this problem. Surely, in your hometown neighbours too fight over pitty issues. Definitely, not like how Indian neighbours fight.

It is hard to digest that we fight for water or electricity. Rofl! Famous proverb the people who fight the most, in the beginning, starts loving in the end. The way they fight and gather the whole neighbourhood to resolve the issue is the hilarious thing. No comedy shows can replace the sarcastic taunts of the neighbours.

5. Peddlars – Experience and Life lessons


Life is a cycle which needs to be peddled and balanced. From old age people to the youngsters, you can find many Indians cycling across the streets. For some, it is a way of earning a living and old age people prefer do cycling over cars.

That’s so interesting about Indian streets. I know people do cycle in your homeland too. Perhaps, this is unique as you can’t find old people cycling. They pick up their grandchildren on their bicycles. In fact, it is BMW for a couple who seat close together on the cycle and enjoy romanticism.

Indian street is much more beyond than these things. Reading a post and imagining the things cannot help to gain an experience. Get up and book tickets for India. You will understand the article much better.


  1. Interesting post. I guess no matter how much we complain and bicker about our streets, at the end of the day they are still the one thing we fondly call as our home and these are the reasons why.


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