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We are Transgenders nor any Non-Human Beings


Being Transgenders, society depicted them as sinners. Transsexual are in turmoil, due to lack of gender identity. They are being bothered for their association of LGBT community. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, we use slang terms for them. Transgender owe their own rights and are proud of whom they are. Just give it a thought! Many of us may don’t even know what all miseries they have been gone from. After all, no one ever dream to be LGBT. Thus, just knowing minute things about them, it doesn’t give us the right to judge them. If talk about their gender equality; then definitely we must respect them as well. If you may feel the same, you will agree with some below mentioned bullets:

1. Be a human and not a monster



The main purpose of our living is to serve the purpose of being human and stop promoting manhood; which though is the resultant of various gender inequalities. Transgenders often commit suicide due to opinions of society. Moreover, when you encounter them you treat them like aliens.

2. Stop using slang words



Be grown up!! It’s the high time to realize that these are not slang but, the words which hamper the notion of gender identity. Each and every individual has their right to live by in their own way; whether they are the men or women or transgender.

3. We are living in the 21st century


Why it’s being so difficult to look up that the new generation coming up? Time has changed. Thenceforth, it’s the time to be evolved with the time. Be a change and work for society.

4. Have strength to voice out


Despite using these slang words, it is our duty to voice out against certain discrimination. Stop being judgmental, except them who are they.

5. Respect them wholeheartedly


Respect each other identity, except them who are they. Being a transgender is not punishment. It is a act of love and bond, which is beyond gender



  1. I agree with all of these bullet points! People don’t even realize that when they use slang, even if they’re joking, they are still hurting feelings. It encourages others to do the same and then it becomes a vicious and offensive cycle!

    • Correctly, Katie people are not aware about these slang terms. They just make a prank and hurt the feelings of others, without bothering about anything.

  2. Thank you for bringing all of these points to light! People do need to stop and think about how they are treating others.

  3. Great outlook Megha! Unfortunately most of what you said applies to all minority groups. Hopefully we are starting a new chapter as a society and learning to embrace the differences among us. Keep spreading your good vibes! :)

    • Wonderful Megh!!! that you like the post greatly. We are just writing new stuff and make people aware about the society.

  4. Very positive and delightful post. You are right in that they are human beings and not anything else and deserve to be treated so.
    Slang is something that we all need to stop using and you have made a very important point here.


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