7 Top Fast Internet Download Managers

We are the Internet Surfer Generation. Our world is rich with numerous web browsers! Consequently, we are all aware that the internet is the source of all information. Do you have a kid at your home or neighbors? Just observe them; they are even faster in using various Internet Download Managers which might you have never heard of! Sharp creatures, aren’t they? Despite this, you daily crave to download one or the other thing from the various fast download managers whether it could be any pdf, or movies, or serials, or any stuff that requires.

Are you a big fan of ‘GAME OF THRONES’? You can download that as well. In doing so, you only require a good download IDM (internet download managers), where sometimes downloading files in bulk can be a pain. Here are the top 7 best internet download managers



Free download manager, also known as FDM- lies at the top of our list. It works same as that of the other download managers. Then, what is different in this that makes it in our top list? It is because of its increase speed and support to tons of download protocols such as Bit Torrent and FTP. In addition to this, it is a combination of easy-to-use interface and a powerful set of features. The blessing amongst all is that it’s providing you with the feature of pause and resumes your download anytime and anywhere. Oops! I forget to mention its One of the other notable features of Free Download Manager is the ability to store different files in different folders, making the total file management experience easier. Isn’t it superb? Altogether, it is a spellbound software for the windows!

DOWNLOAD FROM HERE – http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/



It is amongst the impressive download software, which claims to bring more or less increased speed and better stability during downloads. It works with all the major browsers. Also, The IDM gives you an opportunity of drag-and-drop system and command line support in order to manage all your downloads. Besides offering the fastest downloads; it also commits to pick up on all downloads again when your connection is interrupted.

DOWNLOAD FROM HERE: https://internet-download-manager.en.softonic.com/



Flashget is among one of the fastest internet download managers. It gives you the speed six to ten times faster than downloading normally through the browser. This is one of the highest and the popular software which usually supports basically every download protocol including HTTP, FTP, and MMS, etc.

DOWNLOAD IT FORM HERE: https://flashget.en.softonic.com/



Can any software give you an opportunity of viewing video while downloading? Most of them surely not! This software is embedded with such cool features. You can even watch videos while you are downloading; no need to wait for the downloading to be over. Isn’t it so cool! Also, its primary attention is to accelerate the speed of downloads.

DOWNLOAD FROM HERE: https://download-accelerator-plus.en.softonic.com/



Website Ripper Copier uniqueness lies in the fact that it lets you download entire websites for offline browsing and archiving. It also speeds up the downloading speed like others. Though it charges pennies! But you can try the free trial before any commitment.

DOWNLOAD FROM HERE: https://website-ripper-copier.en.softonic.com/



The best part of this software is that it works on any computer. It helps you to download the entire website offline. Save images, music, and other media files to keep for offline use.

DOWNLOAD FROM HERE: https://webzip.en.softonic.com/



GETRIGHT software helps their users having unreliable internet connection continue downloads where they left off. While downloading something, it may take hours to get be downloaded and also sometimes it requires to start over from the beginning.  GERTRIGHT software resolves this issue. It has automation tools to let your computer to turn off by it when a download is done! Along with this, another feature is that it quickly hunts for items on the web page.

DOWNLOAD FROM HERE: https://getright.en.softonic.com/

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