Things to do when your Boyfriend doesn’t respond you back

Aww! Boyfriend takes hours to text back. What will you gonna you do for that now? Let me think – Giving middle finger or break the glass on his head. Since past week, he stopped texting you. Hold on! Dear, you can do more than these things to him, for that you need to read below. I am telling you these boyfriends are like Iphone, when one version is in trending, they run for them. And when the new version come, they switch to them. When there is no text back, you need to do these revengeful things.

A relationship is a chain of trust, whereupon you migrated from ‘aww’ to ‘jerk’. Better be single and date your work. If you reply back to your boss, however he will give you promotions. Get on the board to make him crawl on his feet.

1. Call his parents

Mamma’s boy is not taking your phone. Call his parents or reply back him and say “Dear Auntie! Someone has filed a complaint against Sam and a search warrant is issued”. Your work will be done by his mom. I know you are smiling as your boyfriend will come to know who pranked him really. Parents love you so much and care for you. I know you are feeling sad for them, but you have to do this sometimes. Write a small apology letter to his parents, after your boyfriend comes to meet you. Send some flirty text to him and don’t reply him back. Tease him by sending some naughty images.

2. Make a fake Email ID from his Employer’s name

fake email id prank

Resignation from the job can be the worst nightmare for him. Ohh! Gosh, why I am terminated from the job. What have I done? In short, he will remember each God except you. To make his work done, he will call you. At that time, roar on him like a dog. Your boyfriend will reply you back now.

3. Fake pregnancy


Last night! Your boyfriend took hours to text back. You went into a party and came close to him with protection. Surely! You can play this trick. Con on him that you are pregnant and cannot abort the child. He will run faster than Ferrari Car and will talk emotionally. A perfect time, when you can say that “Baby! I am pregnant, we had done a blunder. Let’s get married please”. Definitely, he will text you back, fire which was ignited once in you, when he was not replying you over the text messages.

4. Put selfies with your guy-friend

selfie with friend

Seeing her girlfriend with other guy, will hurt the male ego. You know when a male ego is hurt, he can do anything. He will claim that he texted you back. Don’t fool yourself emotionally. You are the beautiful celeb of the college. Boys die for your paparazzi photographs. Until, you click a selfie with your guy-friend. He won’t give you attitude and pick up the phone. He will be missing you now and take your call.

5. Drop a text to his ex-girlfriend

Good Housekeeping
Good Housekeeping

Whenever I mention my ex-boyfriend name in front of my current boyfriend, his facial expressions turned away some bizarre. That joy and sarcastic tone is just crazy. Another trick to try upon on him. Just like other girlfriends, you must have unlocked the password of your boyfriend’s phone once and took the phone number of his ex. So what are you waiting upon? Drop a text to his ex-girlfriend “I know that Sam is with you, please handover phone to him”. Yeah, he will be in serious dilemma, from where you get the number.

6. Put a male contraceptive in your room

This is going to be hilarious prank with him. You always deny any sort of intimacy with him. Certainly, seeing the male contraceptive over the bed. The boyfriend will give you a tight slap on your face. Use pepper spray to save yourself. Indeed, male contraceptive is that substance which can lead to breakup. Although, breakup was not the thing you were looking for. You know the truth, but he don’t know it. Thankfully, you are saved from him. When a guy cannot trust you, he cannot be your partner.

7. Shop with your boyfriend’s Credit Card

shop with credit card

Knowing the pin of his credit card can be a bonus for you. All you can do is to buy your favorite brands. When the amount will be debited from his card, he will text you back definitely. He is bankrupt now and cannot pay the bills right now. I know he deserves this. Gosh! Girlfriends are such devil that can make his boyfriend do anything, ‘Baby’ to ‘Beggar’, yes your target is accomplished. He is pleading and you cannot stop laughing.

8. Flirt with his best friend

flirt with bestfriend

His best friend is the next gun to trigger. Like his pictures on the Facebook or ask a day out. Wear something stylish and make him notice you. Flirting is the copyright of every girlfriend. So knock the right opportunity and bat on the field. You are the bowler and fielder, act accordingly and bold the wickets.

Seriously! After doing this all your boyfriend will come back to you.

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