Single Life: These signs will make you love your Single life

Are you single and yet happy? Congrats this post is soely meant for you. Being single is lot wiser than being in a WRONG relationship! Whether you are single or locked down, at times you probably wish you were the opposite. We are pinned up in a society where “Being Committed” is considered as “COOL” and “Being Single” means a “THUG” life. The grass is always greener, after all!  Being in a relationship has its own benefits. Whilst, with the changing scenarios even science has proved that not everyone is meant for relationships – there are many benefits of staying single: Single life is beneficent. Additionally at times, the committed people wish to enjoy the most independent wolf in themselves. However, in reality, being solo is advantageous in many ways as there is “no free ka drama” i.e. you are independent and free from any sort of stresses. There is no need of calling one another with cheesy names: honey, baby, shona, etc, etc… You are a massive wolf who is ready for his/her hunt – Just hold a Champaign in your hand and you are all set. Whether consciously or unconsciously uncoupled or waiting for a right guy or maybe not ready to lock down; here are some pertinent points to give a toast to our single life;

1. DATES: When you are Single…

singles dating

There is no option of dating the next guy when you are committed. But, dating is fun when you are living solely single life. I remember a friend who was dating 4 guys at the same time. And I was like, fabulous girl! How are you managing everything? I don’t know how she kept the track. Dating is highly interesting where there are no commitments, no promises and no relationship drama stuff. Meeting new people on daily basis refreshes your mind and mood absolutely. Right, isn’t it? Lol! What’s the point of seeing the same face on the daily basis? Ha-ha… and thank god, apps like Tinder, etc makes it easier to date. Want to try?

2. Single’s love GROOMING


You thought you didn’t need to look clean because you were not trying to impress anyone. But now, you always want to look presentable. When you are going for a date you wished to be presentable; putting the very best version of yourself. We never want anyone to say, “Oh. Shit. You look so weird.” We need to be tanned, waxed, shaved, extensions etc… a presentable one.  You can love and pamper yourself all the time.

3. DRAMA: An embedded part of life…


Drama is definitely a part of life; no matter you are single or locked down. Single life… “Oh man, there is no boyfriend/ girlfriend in my life. I am so lonely.”- Typical drama. They cry like a baby, “Yar isko patava de. Yar kesa dost hai tu, ek girlfriend nai patava sakta“. Yet we are rid of all the typical dramas that are there in loveable couples with common fights:  “Hey look this toilet is not clean.” “Hey, what you are wearing, it is not suiting you …” I remember a fight between me and my boyfriend, where we were fighting upon a fucking burnt pizza. Gosh! Sometimes it’s a nerve taking a fight. While, no matter, whether you are single or committed you got to have problems with tons of dramas in it… Lol!

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4. You are in charge of your HAPPINESS


People being in the relationship tend to depend more on their partners. They assume or expect that their partner will meet up their expectations and needs – look after them thoroughly, figure out any issues together and take care of certain things. “Besides, they usually forget that it isn’t going to happen unless I do it”. Singles are more advantageous in this scenario as these people have to be more conscious about their needs and create their own cloud of happiness. Hmmm, well this sounds good! Isn’t it? They are the master of their own world. Now, I am thinking to be single!

5. Singles are successful at WORK

Successful work

Without his/her presence you are free to pursue your own choices and no need to take into account what your partner thinks you should do, where you are working or at what are your timings etc… The only thing you have to focus upon is your work and only on your work. Even there are many singles that may enjoy their 9-5 more since they value meaningful work more than married people do. That doesn’t mean that you have to work with these timings but, having the flexibility to log long hours can certainly pay off if your goal to move up the ladder fast.

6. You can take a SOUND SLEEP when you are Single

sound sleep

No… how can I miss this point. I am a big sleepyhead. I literally hate the person who disturbs my sleep. Snuggling is great and all, and although, you too may not like when your partner disturbs your sleep due to a different bedtime, or simply tossing or sleeping disorders and turning all night, it can seriously mess up your sleep. If you are living a single life, you don’t have to worry about all these and can take a sound and balanced sleep.

So all singles out there, you’ve got all the tricks in your hands to deal with all the below the belt situations. Just hold a Champaign and raise a toast. True words by Zakir Khan – ‘Haq se Single

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