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Got Struck? Its All About The Shocking Facts of Hospital


Hospitals are one of those places where you wish to put your trust entirely. You often visit hospitals when you find yourself in unwanted or vulnerable conditions. No one likes to visit the hospital just like that! Lol! It is not a place to spent vacations after all. While, when you feel vulnerable you need some compassionate hands to look after you. They will know exactly what to do to make you healthy again. But have you ever imagined; what if someone just shakes your foundation of the ignorance-in-bliss mindset? Confused? We often assume these medical professions to act like robots and enduring professionals. But wait a minute. C’mon! They too are humans. By the same token, the fact is no one is perfect in this world. Even so, we need to be acknowledged with a fact which many hospitals do not want us to know.

1. Even doctors demand help


We often idolize doctors for their massive knowledge for medicines, cures, and diseases. Their passion and dedication beyond their life are complimentary. But stop, they too are humans as said before, right! There might be a chance where he/she may get confused with the knowledge embedded in their single head. Why not google the arduous information? Why not take the advantage of the infinite supply of knowledge that the internet offers? They often do so without letting you know. Ahem, never paid attention? Have ever you heard from your doctor saying, “Wait a minute let me search for the giant books”?  That’s what they are hinting at!

2. Want negotiability on hospital bills


The hospital will never ever be going to tell you about the discounts on bills until you take an initiative. It may sound cranky, but it is the fact! There are tons of policies and procedures available to different hospitals of which you have never heard of. You go for negotiating your bills; only you require to talk. Talks cannot harm you at all. Therefore, welcome discounts with open, hopefully, ache-free arms.

3. Waiting issues are always at peak


I just hate waiting in queues. And I think the same goes for you as well. Yet, how will you feel like standing in a line when you are not well? No one could do that, for sure. It could be like an actual killing. While unfortunately, this is a fact of this real world. This could be seen in every next hospital. Queue, queue, and more queue… Harsh reality it is!

4. An Anesthesiologist is a must…


During an operation, an anesthesiologist is the most important people to you during your stay in the hospital. Many of us may not know they can request to interview anesthesiologist before a surgery. It not only calms you down during the operation but it saves your life. It keeps your mind at peace!

5. Adverse infections


Among 1.7 million cases of patients are suffering from infections that they have received from the hospitals. Ever heard a saying, “Go into hospital and comes out sicker than before”. Isn’t it creepy? It all happens if the hospital workers aren’t good, or not taking care of hygiene practices and careless attitude. If it happens just ask them to take care of you well!

6. Doctors and nurses may be relaxing when someone dies


While it is not taking this in the negative light. They are in the profession where it is hard to face the reality that you can never do enough. When the emergency arises, you can’t deny it! Hats off to all the people who are linked up with the medical profession. Though taking time for themselves is a must for them. It provides them from insanity. There is a never-ending demand for care!

Perhaps, even hospital is also a place of shocking facts. Don’t be shocked just make others shock by these facts.


  1. It takes a very mentally strong person, one that loves helping other people and also doesn’t ask for gratitude to be a doctor. We take doctors for granted, don’t even thank them when they save our or our loved ones life (people sooner thank god than the doctor who spent hours and hours healing them) and blame them if something goes wrong. We forget they’re flesh and bone like us.

    • That’s so true Vladimir! After mothers they are the second holder who actually sustain our lives from any mishappenings ! We must show our gratitude to them no matter what.

  2. I have been to hospital many times due to my illness and never had a bad or awful experience… I think if you expect a bad experience that’s what you will have…. when I didn’t have health insurance the hospital worked with me easily to lower my bill and make a payment plan.


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