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How a Mobile turn into ‘Semen Checker’?


In the fast developing changing world, many couples are childless. Artificial insemination is the ray of hope for the couples. Due to stress and anxiety, both males and females are suffering infertility problems. It can be caused due to abnormal uterus or sperm production. Many treatments are discovered for the feminine section. Perhaps, due to lack of awareness, there is no diagnosis for the males. There are many testing kits and applications, to track infertility.  During sperm testing, males are ashamed, due to stereotypical pressure. Well, medical electronic system has designed a male infertility checker “The Yo Sperm Test”, ready to use at home, with the help of mobile phone.

1. Convenient


Approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Yo-kit is designed with technology.  It can be used at home with proper precautions and directions.

2. Material consist


The medical kit consists of a plastic pipette, a sample collection cup and liquefying powder.

3. Usage


Attach the clip-on mini microscope with mobile. Take a sample into the collection cup and mix the powder for 15-20 seconds.

4. Play a game


To make not the customer boring, the application has designed a sperm trivia game. It can be played till a sperm is resting, as according to the time on the app.

5. Final result


A small portion of the sample is pipette on the slide. Tap on the “start testing option” and insert the slide.

6. Quick response


Within 30 seconds, a video will appear on the screen. It will consist of a motility and sperm count.

7. Accurate outcome


Medical semen analyzer states that Yo Sperm Test gives 99% accurate result, depending upon how the instructions are followed.

8. Easily available


This test kit is available on the company website for $49.9.

Whoa!!!  Now anybody can check their semen level. It is one of the cost-effective approach comparative to the treatment of male infertility. No need to go to medical labs for testing. Change your mobile phone into semen checker.

“Happy Fatherhood”



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