PSI and index do not match error on Android Studio [SOLVED]

In this post I am going to tell about the common error which is getting occured with many android developers. The same error I also faced while working on an application for my college project that PSI and index do not match.

I made Google searches for this problem and finally got rid with this error which made me stuck in my project and I couldn’t proceed further with that. Then I thought if I can get this problem, anyone can stuck over it so this encouraged me to write this post and make other users get rid of this error.

Note: This error occured while developing android application in Android Studio

The error that occured:

PSI and index do not match: PSI and index do not match

PSI is one among the caches that are stricken by the following command, therefore this should be fixed up.

I got a solution for this:

Go to  File > Invalidate caches and restart

This command will wipe the shelf, native history and potentially other cached information.

Some users tend to reinstall the Android SDK which is of no need. Some say that this will solve the problem but most of the cases this method fails to solve the error. This is a misconception that if you reinstall the SDK, it solves your problem. That’s not true sometimes! So, the best solution to this error is that invalidate the caches of the program and restart the studio. This will definitely solve your problem.

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