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Protect Your Vagina While Doing Exercise


Whoa, its summer time, across the globe. The rising temperature, increase the heating. To burn the calories, we start following diet chart or do exercise. You do yoga, jogging, cycle riding or play badminton. To get some air and see your crush, you often run a mile extra. Well, it’s not bad; you are trying to look stunning, to impress him. Ok!!! Exercise is beneficial for healthy and fit body. Have you ever ponder, the exercise which you are doing is even beneficial or not. In that case, research should be done, to check out what you are doing.

There are some sensitive organ in the body, which needs attention and care. Well, you ought to know this. Obvious, it is vagina, the most secretive part of female body. It’s Ok, if you are not able to sort out things about vagina. Fortunately, you need to do is little analysis, before running or joining aerobics session. Just be careful and keep these points while doing exercise.

1. Rash



To make the body slim, you run a mile extra. Sweat is the result of intense workout. Sometime there are rashes on the line of vagina, which is uncomfortable. Apply a little baby powder over the sensitive area.

2. Bruise



Alright! It just feels giddy, when vagina bruises. It happens when you do more cycling, biking or hard core sex. You started feeling pain, while doing any activity. Be little careful, slow drive. Eventually, you can plan outdoor sports.

3. Tear



Just screwed, when you tear your vagina. Perhaps, doing the aasans of yoga, you get some cuts. Don’t be hard on yourself. Be slow and do yoga in small breaks.

4. Regular and lighter periods



At last, there is a reward of regular exercise. The endorphins gland helps to ease it with the deadly cramps

5. Yeast infection



Due to regular workout, the whole body is sweated. Unfortunately, it can create some major problems to vagina. To fight this battle, just change your clothes, wear loose undergarments and shave often.

6. Saddle soar




Cycling is the favourite sport, which you often do. Sometime, the bike seats are not comfortable. They cause irritation, when the cycle jumps off. Consequently, it can cause some sores in the vagina. Try a seat protector which can save your vagina.

7. Ingrown hair



Sadly, it’s true that ingrown hairs make you sucks. Wearing tight fitted workout clothes can put you in the danger of ingrown hairs. Be protective and wear loose clothes.


Well, just be careful what you are doing. Stay healthy and keep fit.



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