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Neither a Hindu nor Muslim was killed, Pilgrims were killed in Amarnath Yatra


Every year around 2 lakh pilgrims travel to Amarnath in South Kashmir. Amaranth is the place where Lord Shiva entails the story of eternity to Parvati. Located at an elevation of 13,500 the journey started in the Hindu month of Shravan. Perhaps, being the sacred journey of India, terrorist attacks on the pilgrimage. With ever-ending conflicts of India-Pakistan; terrorists have taken the undue advantage of it. It is such a painstaking thought, What compel terrorists to indulge in such activities?

During the days of sacred fasting of Ramadan, there was no terrorist attack. Drawing their attention I want to ask a question “Is there any difference between Lord Shiva and Allah?” Did any difference exist in their culture or religion, or knowledge or else? Moreover, attack on Amarnath Yatra draws attention on various issues.

1. Religion


Humanity is the link which connects different religion. To make serenity among the universe is the fundamental principal of every religion. Attacking on Amarnath “Do terrorist groups are trying to prove that attacking on the journey, they will meet omnipotence power? Perhaps, the Quran states that adjoin your hands and compete with others in act of goodness. Hope!!! Terrorist group is listening to this thought and change their misconceptions.

2. Political Scenario


Newspaper are flooded with world politics “Trump blocked the G20 summit”, moreover “the Dispute of Qatar”. Politicians just tweet their thoughts and express grief. Just tweeting one post for the attackers cannot bring back the seven pilgrims who are dead? Fucking no, opposition party blame to Chief Minister of Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti, this blaming just left the Indian Army in turmoil. While taking pledge for their respective duties, Ministers just forget their righteous duties. Meanwhile, the divide and rule game create the tension in the development of the economy.

3. Muslim Community


Around 24% of the world population is constituted by Muslims. However, when any riots occur in any part of the world, native people cast their eyes on Muslims. Seriously! If one Muslim terrorist is doing so, putting blame on another is not the justice. Every Muslim is not a terrorist, they are too human beings. Banning their entries into foreign countries is not the solution of the problem. When militants killed pilgrims, Muslims of Kashmir were interrogated. On the other hand, when a 16 years old Muslim boy Junaid Khan was lynched in the name of ‘Hindutva’. There was no rebellious attitude of major political parties in India. Moreover, with slight activity of Terrorist, Muslims were seen with suspicion.

4. Terrorist Attack


Forming a special team of Special Investigation Team (SIT) is hunting the master mind of the gruesome attack Abu Ismail. Being wanted criminal of the Indian Army, our soldiers couldn’t trace him. Why? We have the best nuclear weapons and brave soldiers. Taking the help of natives, mostly terrorist formulate and execute their bomb plans. Yeah, it’s your mistake that in the facade of religion, you indirectly help them. Terrorist doesn’t belong to any religion or place. They are bloody human creatures who kill thousands of people.

Paying our tribute to every life that is killed in any attack of terrorist, you can take the pledge, and join hands together against this terror freak environment. No matter, whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or British or belongs to any nation. Just believe that there is one universal power.

Human being created the God, neither God divided us.


  1. It’s a pity that things like these happen, but some of them are just beyond human comprehension. Thanks for bringing this to our awareness.


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