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7 Pilgrimage Sites to Rejoice Inner-Self


Pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place. Around the globe, there are many places of pilgrimage like Machu Picchu, the City of Bethlehem or the Ganges River, pilgrimage sites to rejoice inner self. However, going on a pilgrimage journey nourishes the soul and mind of a traveler. Getting in touch with the omnipotence power enrich your inner side. Perhaps, you get in contact with yourself, away from your anxiety and stress. Most noteworthy thing about holy land pilgrimage is the mysterious place. Even more the every corner of the pilgrimage sites consist aura of spirituality and wisdom. It provides a break from our hectic schedule and reconnects with our culture. Culture entails our religious duties towards other beings. Consequently, when you see the view of god and nature, you automatically cherish your soul. However, you can add these places into your bucket list of pilgrimage.

1. MECCA, Saudi Arabia


It is regarded as the holiest place in Islam. Being second largest pilgrimage spot, approximately 13 million Muslims visit this city. Perhaps, it is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims to visit the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the holy city of Mecca. However, there are customs which Muslims are expected to follow.


Source Image -http://www.riversideresorts.in/images/Badrinath%20ji-Edited.jpg
Source Image – http://www.riversideresorts.in/images/Badrinath%20ji-Edited.jpg

Char Dham is a perfect pilgrimage for those who want to go for cultural rejuvenation. Although, it is a term revesed by Hindus that covers four scared places of India – Badrinath in north, Rameswaram in the south, Dwarka in the west, and Puri in the east. Probably, a sacred site in a Hindu’s lifetime, for spiritual gratification. Probably, seeing the image you will be wishing to visit the place.


Source Image - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-GSJH0XAKjiI/T9QnGhKvRcI/AAAAAAAALfM/u_moniG3TeY/s1600/Turkey+--+May+2007+(Ibrahim+Kalin)+026.jpg
Source Image – http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-GSJH0XAKjiI/T9QnGhKvRcI/AAAAAAAALfM/u_moniG3TeY/s1600/Turkey+–+May+2007+(Ibrahim+Kalin)+026.jpg

In Mexico, Our Lady of Guadalupe is the most visited Catholic Church after Saint Peter’s Basilica. Almost 10 million people visit this place in a year. There is a myth that “Lady from Heaven” visits in the Church. Finally, plan a holiday to this place. As a result, the place has set many world records.


Source Image - http://www.cpreecenvis.nic.in/WriteReadData/UserFiles/image/Sacred%20Sites/MAHABODHI-TEMPLE.jpg
Source Image – http://www.cpreecenvis.nic.in/WriteReadData/UserFiles/image/Sacred%20Sites/MAHABODHI-TEMPLE.jpg

A Buddhist temple located in the city Bodh Gaya, Bihar. However, the most religious temple is designed by Buddhist monks. To seek the salvation, religious devotees visit the shrine. Lord Buddha obtained asceticism in this place itself.

5. LOURDES, France

Source Image - http://www.hotelroomsearch.net/im/city/lourdes-france-1.jpg
Source Image – http://www.hotelroomsearch.net/im/city/lourdes-france-1.jpg

Celebrating the ascent of Virgin Mary’s, Lourdes is a popular shrine of France. Since 50 years ago, American devotees offer prayer to the shrine. Almost 5 million people visit this place, as it cures the people miraculously. In beginning year, Lourdes was a small town in France. Even more, the Roman Catholic Church declares that Virgin Mary visit this place.

6. STONEHENGE, England


To see the famous stone, kept since 4,000 years. 80,000 visitors arrived this place which consists of mysterious sort of circle of upright circles. During summer or winter vacation, many people gathered around the shrine. Furthermore, you can sit here and enjoy the mystic beauty.

7. RUMI’S  TOMB, Turkey

Image Source - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-GSJH0XAKjiI/T9QnGhKvRcI/AAAAAAAALfM/u_moniG3TeY/s1600/Turkey+--+May+2007+(Ibrahim+Kalin)+026.jpg
Image Source – http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-GSJH0XAKjiI/T9QnGhKvRcI/AAAAAAAALfM/u_moniG3TeY/s1600/Turkey+–+May+2007+(Ibrahim+Kalin)+026.jpg

Being Persian poet, Rumi was culturally associated with Sufism. Indeed, Sufism is the voice of God. In recent times, visitors attracted the attention because of Sufi’s worldwide fame. A Sufi poet, who believe in one religion, however in omnipotence power. Perhaps, this Sufi poet is a inspirational figure. Because he is still living as a master in the world of poetry.

Add all these places in your holy land pilgrimage sites. Rather, it will purify inner soul and lead to salvation. Come in and cherish your soul and wisdom. Most noteworthy thing about pilgrimage site is that you can rejoice.

Whoever you may be, the god will always help you.


  1. Our Lady of Guadalupe looks like an amazing church. I am hoping to be in Mexico this winter. I will have to see if I can go see it.

  2. They are all magnificent spiritual sites and I hope to visit all of them in this lifetime. Rumi’s tomb must be fascinating. He is one of my all time favorite poets.

  3. I have heard so much about pilgrimage, but have never actually made any research on them. This has really helped me to gain more insight and hopefully will plan to go on one soon. I havemy eyes on Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  4. Amazing pilgrimages for sure. I’ve been to stonehedge and its an incredible site. I want to see the Lady of Guadalupe as I grew hearing all the miracles and experiences people have had visiting.


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