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Ohh Momma!!! You are my world


Momma, “I love you”, “You are my best friend”. Well, mother is the most beautiful creature and gift of the God. An epitome of unending love and sacrifice. It’s pretty well clear that whatever we do for our mother, we clearly cannot repay to her unconditional giving, love and her selfless deeds. However, we can only try to give her back kind in some of the mentioned ways below which can surely give her true happiness. Spend few minutes and make her rejoice and blissful.

From dusk to dawn, she works on us from breakfast to dinner. We are grown up and occupied in our own world. Sadly, we have forgotten our parental duties and neglect them. Momma is still waiting for you at dinner table, but we hangout with friends. She did for you everything, now it’s your turn to pay her back.

1. Best Friend


Today we are so occupied in our social lives that we can surely give 2 hours of a day to our Whatsapp, Facebook and whatever but we fail to give just 2 minutes from our so called busy schedule to her. F**k Off, why don’t you care for your mother? She just expects some little time and a smile on face. Can’t you do this for her? Perhaps, you can treat her like a best friend. Share your gossip, go for a walk or watch a movie.

2. Help in Daily Chores


From bringing bread to paying electricity bill, she never complaints. Youngsters hold a notion that we are earning and paying the bills. Stop being materialistic and giving illogical argument. On weekends, share her duties and chores. Make a good sandwich and do the other chores.

3. Appointments in Salon


How am I looking? Ladies use to gossip and flaunt their clothes or jewelleries. Either they compliment “Oh My God, You are wearing Zara”. Reaching in middle age, mothers ignore their physique features and body. Sadly, she works for you and didn’t find time for herself. You even don’t know when she had a haircut or facial. Pamper her and book a spa in the weekend.

4. Organise a Vacation


Fun and frolic is essential requirement in our life. You party on the weekends or even visit to a friend. Do you even realize that your momma haven’t any social group. In that case, just plan a long vacation in her favourite place. She will be enthusiastic and glad more.

5. Bring her Favourite Things


Try to find out what gives her a smile on her face. Make a list of her likes and dislikes. Just a click and her beloved thing will be at home. These little things will add a smile on her face. She has done everything for you, now pay back to her, with big smile.

6. Never Behave Rudely To Her


Priorities, meetings and targets”, exist in our mind and schedule. Consequently, you take her granted and behave rudely. Her world is limited to the horizons of family and children. Perhaps, your rudely behaviour can break her heart. Never ignore her and talk rudely, even if you had a bad day.

7. Pay Gratitude and Loads of Love


Thank You is a small word for her deeds, which momma does for her child. She wakes up in the night, when you are ill. Complete our long demanding list of toys. In return, she deserves to be loved and care. Well, just hug her tightly before going to work. Believe me she will be glad and will love you more.

Oh Momma, I know I have done mistakes, neglected you and went rudely. I cannot payback you, whatever you have done for me. Just these all small things, I can do for you.

I Love You Mom


  1. What a great post for celebrating mothers. I do not have kids of my own but know that the teenager stage is hard. Great ideas for me to keep pampering my mother even now as an adult =)

  2. Love this! It’s so true, making time for mom or anyone you love is so important. We all get caught up in our personal bubble and it’s good to detox from the phone and spend good, quality time with people! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are great ideas for moms for Mother’s Day. Personally I just want my kids to be around me. I’m thankful that they are still little enough that I can control that we are together. Here in a few years I will have to take cell phones away just to get their attention on Mother’s Day. Number 1 definitely is what I want.

  4. It was so hard to celebrate mothers day growin up, having lost mine at the age of 6. I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle. I was SO awful on holidays like this. Trying to make up for it now though!


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