Mirza Ghalib: 11 All-time Couplets by the Majesty of Shayari

Celebrating the 220th birth anniversary of the Urdu poet Assadullah Beg Khan Ghalib or Mirza Ghalib Saheb, his contribution and works are recognised. Mirza Ghalib quotes are so breathtaking that you can never imagine. Born on December 27th and honoured with literary titles, Mirza Ghalib was pioneer of Urdu literature. Ghazals of Ghalib such as “Aa Ki Mere Jaan Ko Qarar Nahin Hai” is one of the enchanting gazal. Reading Mirza Ghalib books make the readers identify his ideas and styles. His words to describe sorrow and pain, made him legend of Urdu Shayari. Apart from this, the idea of seeking love and love sonnets of Ghalib reach to the assemblies of Persian kingdoms. Read below some of the best Ghalib poetry.

The poetry of Ghalib does’t inspire the soul but forces you do something. That something can be related to your internal relationship with self, divinity or other. Ghazals of Ghalib are so mesmerising that you can engulf with yourself. Share your love for the Ghalib in the comment section.

1. Mirza ghalib 1

2. Mirza ghalib 2

3. Mirza ghalib 3

4. Mirza ghalib 4

5. Mirza ghalib 5

6. Mirza ghalib 6

7. Mirza ghalib 7

8. Mirza ghalib 8

9. Mirza ghalib 9

10. Mirza ghalib 10

11. Mirza ghalib 11

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