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Men: Just Revolutionize Your Proud Masculinity


In patriarchal society, Men and Masculinity have observed as toxic in the ages. It is believed that masculine gender is often linked up with the world hunger, war, and everything aggressive. Aggressive is the word usually, associated with the male gender! “Hey bro, you are an aggressive person”, you often say this. Paradoxically, does someone say, “Hey Lady! Are you highly aggressive?” Not really, right? However, masculinity is often associated with male domination. It is a threat to the society. Hold on, are you familiar with the word ‘Masculinity’. The answer is ambiguous; you never make sense of real manhood.

Being the creation of God, we all are inherited with our special talents and traits to keep our survival alive. Though, I never meant that women are anyway less! They have their own traits in which they excel at. So, don’t take me wrong. In addition to this, there are certain splendid points about being masculinity, that’s definitely is not male dominance. Whilst, it’s superlative!

1. Chivalry: Male gender…



Chivalry is the word usually clubbed with the male gender. Be that as it may, use to be in the past! Does your man pull chairs, drive cars, push in the chairs? Relax, these are the usual norms. I am sure washing dishes, folding their pants won’t feel them disrespected in doing so. Every woman dream of an ideal knight! I did, no doubt! Masculine and feminine gender need to support one another, respect each other and do the task evenly. “You both are equal: best way to live a happy life.”

2. Men drive and guide…

drive and guide


Presently, many women among us think that “I don’t need a male to guide me; or I can drive by myself”. This is really cool that women are acquainted enough to do things by themselves. But, girls out there! There is nothing toxic if a guy takes the lead! That’s completely okay, trust me! Like I am totally okay with driving with him and spending marvelous times! Sometimes, it is okay to take the passenger seat and let the men work their men’s role.

3. Masculine men take the trash out…

masculine men


In any case, I hate it! However, this is eye catching about masculinity. Men usually like to the time outside, when they take it out.

4. Men are bodyguards and protectors…



Apparently, when it comes to bodyguards and the boxers; it’s the male gender which directly strikes our mind at the first go. Are you a big fan of a masculine psyche? Well, I am! The eye wandering psyche and personality can grab anyone’s attention.

5. Are men and masculinity emotionless?



As a matter of fact, being emotional is a woman’s department; this is a very common saying. Is male gender non-emotional? Many times being non-emotional is not desirable, whilst a choice to pertain oneself from the harsh realities. If ever attacked, I always want the man to separate his heart and let his brain overpower his emotions.

6. Give a tough competition…

tough competition


According to various men studies, men are the game lovers. They love to beat others who come up in their path. Above all, they love competition. It is the man’s way! The reason is competition is good and we are losing it out by eliminating it. Consequently, it challenges us to turn into something better or maybe the best.

7. Building a camp for campfire…



Traditionally it’s a man field, but nowadays ladies are giving tough competition to them. However, you must keep in mind that male gender are born with such spatial talents.

8. Patience: Male gender vs. Feminine gender…

masculine vs feminine


No doubt, women anticipate a lot and results to losing out their patience frequently. While on the other hand, men usually live in the present and more on the relax mode. They hold it together longer and there is nothing toxic about it.

Respecting women is not a male dominance. Instead, it is an honor to respect and guide women in stereotypical society.



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