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P.S – I Love My Guy friend over my best friend


It’s absolutely fine to hangout with guys. Believe me; a guy friend is better than that bloody gossip bitches. Girls are melodramatic and jealous creatures, who can dump her best friend for her boyfriend. Just ridiculous, they are walking shopaholic and attention seeker “OMG! I want to marry that guy. Can you just marry a guy in one looks. Well, the answer of the question is ladies can. Meanwhile, I love hanging out with a guy. If you have more guy friends, surely you can relate this.

1. No Melodrama



John, I love you please don’t leave me”. Whoa the mood of a girl is always romantic and sensuous. Comparatively, when you hangout with a guy, there is an intellectual discussion. You are far away from melodramatic tunes. An ambience of fun and frolic is created among the group of guys.

2. No Jealousy and Insecurities



Jokingly, you can converse with your guy friend about anything. There is no judgement or opinions formed regarding your actions. They motivate you to perform better in your failures. Contrarily girls are fucking judging creatures.

3. They are Good Listeners



Last time, I cannot entail my story to my best friend. She was busy in talking about other stuff. When I ping up my guy friend, he whole-heartedly listened to my story. No matter what a guy will always understand you.

4. Genuine Guy’s Suggestion



When I had a fight with my boyfriend, I share it with my guy best friend. Always trust them; they will give you genuine advice about other guys.

5. Protective in Nature



I m self reliant and can protect myself. Perhaps, you cannot always save yourself from giant men. Guys are protective in nature, they save you like superman. Most of the time, when I am drunk, they make sure that I reach home safely. A guy is always gentleman, who protects you in any dire situations.

6. Sounds Hilarious

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No need of any comedy shows, when you meet your guy friend. He will make you smile on any non-sensical joke. They make sure that his girl should have a smile on her face.

7. Fucking No Over Sweetness



Just wear the Gucci dress or buy a dress from Armani. Most of the girls never let you buy your favourite dress. Girl friends start making comment on body shapes “Baby this colour is not meant for you”. Aren’t you losing your identity on your own? Well, next time visit on a shopping with your guy friend. A guy will never use sugar coating; will help you to buy good dresses.

8. 24 Hours Available



In a mess, just give a call to your guy friend. He will be always available at any time and at any place. Even can grab your enemy’s shoulder and solve your problem in one second

Indeed I love my best friend. Just wish, if she just stops doing insane things.


  1. Sounds like your best friend is your guy friend. You may want to reevaluate who your girl friends are. I feel like it’s these types of stereotypes that pit women against each other and only hinders our ability to move forward in society and the workplace. I’ve very rarely found this to be true about women and I’ve been a cheerleader and in a sorority where the women have been stereotyped the hardest. You probably just have a really good guy friend and really shitty female best friend. It also probably depends a lot on age.

    • Applaud 😊😊Bianca it seems your experience is too good as compare to mine . That’s really good and you are too lucky . Well, my experience is not that much good with my girl friends. I lost my guy friend , so it’s sought of dedication to him only

  2. I’ve always been a guy girl — more comfortable taking with guys. But my best friend understands more profound things and, well, I do talk to her first.

    • Our thoughts match Allyson 💝.Even I love my guy friend moreover girl friends . Girls are melodrama and bitch 😂

  3. I grew up with two older brothers, so I kind of feel more closer to my guy friends than my girl friends. I don’t think there’s any problems with that though.


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