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12 Things Long Distance Relationship Teach You


Distance, destiny, time, love, trust, misunderstanding all these words come up into happening when in a long distance relationship. It feels like falling all over in love each day and sometimes they tear you up. Here are 12 things that long distance relationship teach you.

1. When you become an expert in time zone and start behaving like a watch.



Well yes, you start behaving like a watch and know all about the hour, minute, second differences. Alarm yourself when is the time of call and keep on waiting for the next alarm. Weird but, its true!!

2. You have a complete idea which operator helps you best overcome these distances.



You have a complete list of all the operators and deals that can give you the best scheme to overcome the distance barrier.

3. Skype/Hangout becomes your favourite screen.


It becomes the only way you can see each other, gaze each other and spend the wonderful You and Me time. Also, most importantly you are always concerned about its security (you know what I mean).

4. You literally understand the meaning of “Trust and Communication”.


Trust and talking to each other becomes your happiness key when you are worlds apart. You start enjoying that space but, value that trust too. You have a small glittery smile on your face and conversation in your mind the whole day.

5. Virtual travelling and getting to know about a new place you have never travelled.


You know everything about that place, hear it in your conversations all the time.  You learn so much about that place as if you were there but, actually you have never been there.

6. When you relive those moments together you had.


You cherish all those moments you spent together hand in hand, see those pictures that are locked and hidden in your phone of your wonderful time. You know how precious they are and always feel like wanting them back.

7. You learn how to optimise your sleep.


Sacrificing your sleep , waking up at 3 am when everybody around you is in their dream world. Then sleeping at the last bench of your class or while travelling to balance your sleep time. Just to spend some beautiful moments that will make your day.

8. Distance is not just a word anymore.


The last time you saw each other, the time to say Good Bye. Tears rolling down the eyes and saying please don’t go. Each and every mile starts counting and then you realise that “Distance is not just a word”.

9. Then comes the worst part MISUNDERSTANDINGS.


We were not able to chat, where were you the whole day, whatsapp, email every single thing comes together to form this big word MISUNDERSTANDING. It takes a whole lot of effort to sort and clear things out and sometimes become frustrating.

10. You’re ready for that emotional roller coaster ride.


Sometimes you are still in love with the person you love from the past. But, it feels like your partner has changed with time. A complete emotional up down happens that tears you up. But, it makes you strong.

11. You start believing in destiny.


You start thinking that wherever you are is all destiny. But, wait until the final destiny climax comes, we can never predict it. So keep calm , “believe in destiny and destiny will believe in you”.

12. Hope and Wait.


You learn to wait, to hope for the day you meet and that day cannot be described in words.

Even science says “The more you are apart more your heart fonder!!”

Give it a thought!!



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