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Knock Knock! Periods Emergency, use these tricks


The menstrual cycle is a girly thing! You and I visit this cycle often with all other ladies out there. How many of us don’t like this creepy customer to visit us every month?  Well! I don’t. I always find my stomach in knots whenever period occurs. But, what to do next!  The menstrual cycle is a sign that your vagina is working well. Periods are often acted as an unwelcome guest; which make you sucks sometime. What if this guest visits you unknowingly despite regular clockwork? Oh gosh! You are in an  important meeting and missed to carry your tampons. Oh no, this is horrifying. A monstrous menstrual surprise! But what will you do now? You have no time to rush back and locate the medical stores. Therefore, you can improvise with whatever is around you.

1. Mark a bit of diaper in your list during periods


Wearing a diaper may sound cranky. But you can go for it when you are wheeling your baby and got your menstruation. While the worst part is you can’t talk about it with anybody. It may sound so stupid. Yes, might be it can, but not to suffer any embarrassment there is no option left with you. It is one of the best alternatives.

2. Wear the entire diaper


Despite wearing a bit diaper, you can have shoved a whole diaper into your pants. This could be quite relieving as compared to the above-mentioned point. And trust me diapers are absorbent. There is no doubt in that!

3. Napkins from McDonald’s


I am lovin it‘ suddenly turns into I am not lovin it! When your heavy periods are getting on your nerves, you can rush to nearby McDonalds and use their napkins. But be silent, don’t tell it to anyone. It is a secret. Lol!

4. Use colorful socks…


What if, you are on your journey and have neither sanitary pads/items nor napkin or anything. You can use your socks. They are useful on your journeys when there is nothing left; despite your socks. I used it once. It was uncomfortable but my colorful pair of socks worked!

5. Paper towels…


One of the best alternatives is wearing a towel under your pants when you are in hassle. You can even go with restaurant bathroom towels just make sure nobody can discover it. ROFL!

6. Organic breast pads…


Lol, it seems hilarious but you can go with it when the need arises.  Breast pads are mainly used by breastfeeding women but just in case of period emergency one can put it on. Just in case of emergency only!

7. Boyfriend’s T-shirt folded up


I would love to do this. Lol! But jokes apart you can go with that as well when you are on a trip or vacations. Just don’t hesitate… wear it up (not on your chest but into your pants).

8. Might can use a leaf


What, a leaf? Yes, a leaf! A leaf can be found anywhere and everywhere without any expense. Though it may not function just like a sanitary pad but it can give a stress-free atmosphere for few hours. Just make sure it wasn’t nettle or poison ivy leaf.

9. Cotton wool


Being a cotton, it may work just like the sanitary items. it may last for hours and may make you feel like Bear Grylls or something!

10. Newspaper (the last)


I won’t like to recommend this, thus it listed in the last point. It is highly uncomfortable. While, if you have nothing else in hand and go out of any other alternative then you can go with this. If you wish.

No sanitary items go with these items for instant relief. Enjoy the craziness of these articles! Lol.


  1. So true that it comes at an unexpected time sometimes. Most of the time when this has happened, the toilet paper in the bathroom rolled up has worked. However, I cannot argue that these would work in dire need situations! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Lol

  2. I’m not sure if the article was intended as satire or an informational one. However, when your period arrives when you think it shouldn’t grabbing any of these items on your list could solve the problem momentarily.

  3. haha I enjoyed reading this. Granted I do not think I will ever be putting a leaf near my lady parts but the rest are a great idea! oh, I’m pretty sure my other half will not be allowing me a Tee for the lady week but whats one missing Teeshirt eh? haha

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