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Kamlesh: A Drug Addict or Society Accused?


If you are socially addicted to media, you would come across a video of 13-year-old drug addict Kamlesh. Many memes had been created and the poor boy is trolled by the media and society. Do you really know the story of the boy? Perhaps, you just like the troll and make a comment on the meme. Seriously! You are the curse on the Indian society not only on the kid. Let’s look out who the Kamlesh is, and recall his words again.

“I eat food of around 30 rupees and have ‘Solution’ worth 90 rupees”

This is not the deed of one Kamlesh. Sadly, there are many Kamlesh around the streets and cities. Ever think from where do these kids get the toxic material of drugs? They don’t have food to eat but can afford to have these drugs. The solution is easily available at stationary shops. There is no ban on acids and toxic solution from the government authorities.

“I can leave my mother over Solution”

Indeed, this is what Kamlesh said in the video. He can leave his mother for the drugs. However, now where is Women Commission and Child Welfare Association? Definitely, they must be engaged in making of the law system. Only laws are made in the files and never followed by the people. To whom we blame for this ‘Society, Government or poor champs’. Surely no one, the only sufferer will be these kids and India will still be developing in future.

Moreover, not only these agencies are responsible. I, you and every young generation is engaged in this heinous crime. Instead of stopping this brutal act of drug, we are trolling and sharing the memes of Kamlesh. He doesn’t know the consequences of the drug, for him it is escapism of the abuse. Street children are deteriorated, they fall for drugs. When they fall for it, we make them as “Gandi naali ka keeda, accha hua mar gya saala” (They are filth on the society, it’s good if they are dead).

This is the statement which I heard once, when I was travelling in metro. A slam on society who holds biased attitude towards poor kids. If they are born in this way, what is their mistake? In recent times, I was sexually abused by one of my student. Parents of that student were summoned and no probable action was taken. Kamlesh is also a victim and sufferer of such gruesome society. There is no one to take blame on, the [td_smart_list_end]only thing we do is sympathize or troll.

Instead of getting hyper, why don’t we end up this. Concluding my write-up on this sensitive issue. I don’t feel to say anything to out youth. Our youth is that much sensible and can look into the matter itself.


  1. Social media is incredibly powerful and can be so damaging. I cannot imagine growing up as a youth with social media these days so much harder to keep a healthy informed perspective.

  2. Sometimes, people forget to look into the deeper realities found in memes and just comment without thinking. Thank you for bringing this issue up and spreading awareness!

  3. I hadn’t heard the story of Kamlesh. The story breaks my heart because their society is not as ” well to do” as ours. Their struggles are really real. It doesn’t surprise me that the internet trolled him.

  4. we often see memes about happenings in social media without knowing the full story. This is a sad story about a poor young man addicted to drugs. This is not funny at all.

  5. This post is a great way of spreading the awareness of what is wrong with information spread through social media. People put stories out but just parts so so many don’t see the big picture. Thanks for sharing the information and awareness.

  6. I had not heard about this story. However I think kids should be treated as kids. This is a great opportunity to look at a bigger problem instead of just making memes.


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