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Indian Culture: It’s all we live with


Indian culture and values accustomed the individual to reach to the path of self-realization. Pride and envy have created the blindfold in the eyes of mankind. Humans are doomed and are searching for salvation. Ofcourse, you cannot attain inner peace until you give pain to others. However, don’t worry just come once to India and explore the places. You will be benefited dually from this, one you will travel to the new places and another seeking of core values of Indian religion. What is so interesting that only Indian land can teach you? However, you can find the answer given below. There is one universal power with same belief structure and faith. You ought to have faith in getting the things done. This is all about Indian values that you can take from my India “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

1. Yoga – Union


Running late for the office and thinking about yoga. Surely, that cannot happen, you cannot seat and start doing exercise. Thankfully, Yoga doesn’t only mean physical exercise. Moreover, a communion of two souls means union. Being a Sanskrit originated word, Yoga is enlightenment. Are you unified with someone for happiness? Without selfishness you didn’t even talk to anyone. Even more, I am like you, then why we expect things will work according to you. Just visit once to Ganga River, you will realise what is Yoga.

Ganga is a sacred river of India and flows through many cities such as Haridwar and Varanasi. When a river is praised In India, you can think how we live in diversity. Spend a weekend in the lapse of Ganga. And you will be unified with yourself.

2. Ahimsa – Non Violence


To get promotion in office, we often do violence. Violence not in the sense of harming physically but emotionally. Perhaps, it is human nature that we do that. Universal power always states that don’t hurt anyone. All you can do is to achieve the path of Ahimsa.

Gujarat is the hometown of famous leader Mahatma Gandhi. He chose two paths of Ahimsa and Truth, fought with the Britishers. No other place can teach you the path of Ahimsa. In Gujarat, Garba is the dance form which makes you forget the worries. So attain Ahimsa and you will be free from redemption.

3. Dharma – Harmony


Newspapers are flooded with the news of rape, murder and corruption charges. Who is to blamed, either us or system? Moreover, the blame game is played simply. The one who faces the consequences are the middle-class people. When you can’t love people, then how to expect God will help you always.

Seeking the peace and harmony, follow the path of ‘Dharma’. You will absolutely find this in the soil of India. We Indians live together with animals and feed them the same food, which we eat. I don’t think you can find such act of ‘Dharma’ anywhere. Whenever you are visiting India, do join NGO and work with the rural village.

4. Guru – Teacher


In my school days, I always hate my teachers for scolding me for petty issues. However, I almost got annoyed with the teachers. Growing and facing up the hurdles of the life, I realized what teacher can do no one else can do.

Guru’ is the Sanskrit word meaning teacher. An agent who is a source of knowledge and wisdom. Along with formal education, life lessons are required for happy life. Among the world, Indian teachers are always respected more in each field. Their research work and expertise in various fields are acknowledged all over the globe. Try a hand on the book of Indian History.

5. Karma – Deeds


The way you behave with others, you will be going to get the same. This is the cycle of Karma, what you sow that will be ripen in the future. One is responsible for its own actions. Indian culture always preaches to be peace and calm.

Once you will visit the country, you will realize that there is something in the air. Purity, innocence, and happiness will be seen on the faces, the feeling cannot be pen down. Once forsake, just attend one session of ‘Ganga Arti’ and you will be reconnected to the God.

Indian culture and values cannot be attained through doing donations. You need to book your flights and come once to India.


  1. India is gem of a country, and Indian culture is very unique, it’s unity in diversity, ‘The guest is equivalent to God’ motto, all these isn’t find anywhere but India.

  2. Hi, Thanks for this collection of words! Most of them are important to myself as I am a Yoga teacher. Ahimsa plays an important part in my life and many gurus have helped me become the person I am today. I have wonderful memories to my time in India and I definately want to visit again :)


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