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This is how my Husband should be like


Okay! I am going to see an unknown guy and marry him. This is what my parents think about me as “Adarshvadi Ladki”. Instead, I am not badass but an independent girl who can’t marry anyone randomly. Being an Indian girl is crime; you are molested and married off to anyone. Well, I am not who will marry anyone. Alright, that was a social bhassad which I always forgo. The only thing that will be my top priority for my husband that “Voh na ek dum Virat Kholi jaisa ho, Andar and bahar dono se faadu bus”. Let’s see out what Indian girls think before offering the cup of tea to the boy,

1. Khanna banana aata hota ho “MasterChef” jaisa


Our ancestors said that to impress your husband, always cook delicious food. Thankfully! I know how to eat the food not to cook. My future husband should know how to cook the food. Because he is the honour of the house, one who earns will also cook the food. Simple logic and I think to marry that guy. Nay! Not only one thing, but another things too.

2. Gaaye aadmi ho ek dum “Gaao ka Chora”


I had seven breakups and several Tinder dates. So, he should be typical decent and ideal guy. Hopefully, he won’t be questioning me and asking about whereabouts. I am not going to be with him anyway. However, it will be a society tag that I am married. Why should boys all have the fun? I like to do hook-ups and late night parties.

3. Baby sitter ho acche se “Baccho ko Sambhale”


Although, I love kids but of relatives not mine one. I have goals and passion to follow. My parents will be pressurising me for having kids. However, when I cannot manage myself, then how can I manage those babies who cry all the time. Basically, my future husband should be well-versed in changing the nappies of the kids.

4. Salary ho “Ambani ya Tata vali”


Who won’t be looking for branded clothes or accessories? Definitely, I will choose someone who earns in billions and can take me abroad for holidays. In short, the Queen Elizabeth one life, where servants will be waiting for my orders. So, why not Ambani over an engineer. Love won’t be remaining with me, so else money.

5. “Virgin ho” aur sab acche se kare


My first boyfriend was just so mad with me. In my first intimacy, I do remember how much fun I had with him. Similarly, my future husband should be virgin. Getting close with fresh stock is all what I need. Fun and love can’t go in my case. Casual relationship is the best to have fun without feelings. Even more, I will get divorce soon and fled to foreign for vacation. Jokes Apart! I can’t keep myself in one relationship with one person.

6. “Daaru and Cigratte” se durr rahe


Budweiser is my morning drink followed by a pack of cigratte. None can win me in this race of drinking and smoking. Then how will I let someone to win over myself. Smoke and alcohol are not only the cup of tea of masculine wing. If they smoke no one say a single word to them. Whereas I smoke, there are a series of judgement over myself. So I decided myself that he should not drink or smoke.

7. Ek “Accha Driver” ho


To save the expense of cabs and servants, he should be excellent in both things. I know that I am earning good and can afford the expense of myself. So then it also means when we are married, one is going to take care for the one member. And who will be that one person, obviously me. Who else? Only me and no one else.



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