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Fun with Google!!


Getting bored with the normal google search. Try out some fun!!!

Ever thought of having fun with google. Well all of us know that google is a great source of entertainment but, ever thought of trying something new. Just imagine the world of a reverse google. We bring you some amazing stuff that  you can do with google. We bet you didn’t knew that!!!

1. Turning your google to your melody

Google Guitar: Try on your own. Well I tried my name Twinkle Twinkle Little Star……….


2017-04-08 (3)

2. When google lost its gravity!!

Google Gravity Trick: http://elgoog.im/gravity/

2017-04-08 (1)


3. Game time fun!!

Google Pacman: http://elgoog.im/pacman/

2017-04-08 (5)

Video game feeling…

4. The conventional Snake..

Google Snake Game: No other game can replace this game. Still my favourite!!



5. Turning google to an underwater destination

Google Underwater Trick: The floating google, imagine searching google with all those sharks…


2017-04-08 (9)

6. The old terminal search.

Google Terminal: Well that reminds me of coding days Phewww!!!


2017-04-08 (10)

7. Google Mirror

When google goes on a reverse mode. Can you guess what is written there?



Hope you liked it!!!

These are the superb and funky Google Gravity tricks from the net. You’ll try using these distinctive tricks and amaze your friends and colleagues. You’ll even play some pranks to bring some exciting moments. Change the Search page of your browser and fool your friends with the Google Gravity Underwater Trick! They’re going to be astonished of however you modified the search page from plain to a good looking aquarium! You’ll be able to conjointly strive different Google Gravity tricks mentioned on top of to tug pranks on somebody. Google Gravity tricks don’t seem to be meant to create your search pitiful rather they’re developed to feature some fun to your search rather than bestowing you the regular Google experience. Have fun!



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