A Father is always a father

Celebrating father’s day with my dad, I started comparing my dad with mom. A father, who works hard and make sacrifice. Yeah! Dad is a Super Hero, accompanied me in adventure trips. A well said thought that “A child needs mother the most, but needs father also. There are many things in which I need my dad, moreover my mom. Indeed, I started loving my dad more. Rejuvenate the days of childhood, I reconciled the memories and find out these.

1. Cuddling up


Every morning my awesome father wakes me up. A gentle kiss on cheek, and smile “Good Morning Laura”.  Unless mom just started screaming and make panic.

2. Bruises and bandage


Freaking out, seeing a bruise over my knee. She made me enter into hell and keep advising. Whereas, dad tend to be chill out and put bandage on my bruise.

3. Homework


Father is the best tutor who taught Mathematics in Higher Secondary. With active demonstration to the making noises, I love the subject.

4. Playing


Mamas aren’t meant to play football or wrestling. A tough father plays rough sports with the child.

5. Fishing


I am not good in catching fishing. Talking over phone to mommy, she replied fishing is a father’s thing.

6. Seeking out


Perhaps, it is true that no one is better than dad in hide and seek game.

7. Digging seashell


Most of the times, digging castles or making a tombstone, fathers ought to know wonderfully to how to do it.

8. Ridding on shoulder


Climbing over dad’s shoulder is a precious memory, I still hold. No matter how tired he was, he always picks me up.

9. Tracking and Adventure Camps


Sometime I adored my momma to get the work done. However, she said no for outdoor adventure camps and tracking. Crying over the night, my father took me.

10. Sports activities


Many dad beat momma in this category. Playing baseball is not a cup of tea for moms. Sorry mom, but is a realistic truth.

This small piece of dedication to my father cannot thank him. Dear Father, please hold my hand and save me from momma.


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  1. Yes Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! Great post. As a new mom, my husband and I are learning to really appreciate parenthood. I hope our son grows up to admire us the way you do your dad!

  2. Happy Father’s Day! What a great post to remind us that great fathers are so so special to their children. Thanks for sharing.

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