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What is the most effective way to learn AngularJS?


AngularJS is an open-source Front-end JavaScript framework. Its goal is to enhance browser-based applications with Model View Controller (MVC) capability and scale-back the number of JavaScript required to form web applications useful. These kind of apps also are referred to as Single-Page Applications. It is a well-liked JavaScript framework accustomed build powerful, interactive websites with sleek animations and pleasant user expertise.

Getting started with AngularJS is implausibly straightforward. With many attributes additional to your HTML, you’ll be able to have a straightforward Angular app up in beneath five minutes!

In this post, you will get a full compiled list with links of resources:

Pre-requisites :

  • Javascript
    • Introduction to JavaScript – If you can’t get the full course while not paying, then download it from torrent.
    • Buy Sign In (Lynda’s) subscription with a friend. You can share the value and use same account to learn. It’s very cheap and worth every penny.
    • Read https://goo.gl/hmPUUQ – Speaking javascript pdf
    • Follow this Learn to code and help non-profits. It has every pre-requisite.
  • Html/CSS – Any resource will do just fine. Search on google and any other websites you know.
    • More resources (pdf’s, links, free tutorials) on request.


  • Start by reading:
    1. https://goo.gl/APuciH – Read it as fast as you can.. Don’t mix with other tutorials, keep it in phone to read on the go
    2. AngularJS Felix Avardo – Do the example app, it’s a must.
    3. AngularJS Best E-book – This will be your textbook
    4. All books at one place : AngularJS eBooks
  • AngularJS – This is very underrated. All my errors are actually solved using documentation itself.


Sign in at Visual Studio Team Services and you get 3 months free at https://learn.pluralsight.com

Moving On

Now you’re able to war huge projects… Collaborations and data concerning them for the asking (let’s produce one thing helpful, equally you place in currently can pay off later).


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