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Diwali and Christmas: Are they similar?


Santa is bringing a gift for everyone. Everyone is celebrating New Year and Christmas in 2017. Definitely, you already have made plans for this long weekend. Perhaps, it’s only me who is working as my boyfriend left for his work. Christmas day is a day of Christmas tree and Christmas Poems. It is a festive time all around the globe. Celebrating festival with Christmas cactus, I realized that there is another festival called Deepawali. Our almighty has created one universe; it is us who have created religion and gods. Last year, we had sung Christmas carols and made Diwali rangoli in our office. However, we didn’t still know the religious facts of both Diwali and Christmas. Both are the same thing, the distinction is of candles and lights. In fact, both create light and spirituality in our world.

1. Origin of the festivals


Decorating home with Christmas Bells and singing carols, you might not know why we celebrate Christmas with Christmas tree. Everyone knows that Jesus Christ was born on this day. Moreover, Christ crucified on the cross for the humanity. The Christmas tree is the epitome of the life in winter. Another, the theology behind Christmas cactus is that to honor the emperor, Christmas tree is decorated with Christmas bells. There are many Christmas tree stores, where you can find marvelous trees.


In Hindu mythology, Lord Ram returned to his homeland, Ayodhya. The people of the kingdom celebrated that day as Diwali. With Diwali lights and pictures, Indians celebrate this festival. Consequently, both the festivals are same.

2. Candles and Diyas


To enlighten our house, we use candles or diyas. Have you ever thought why do we use candles on Christmas and Diyas on Diwali? Well, Jesus represents the light and fire. Fire is the presence of the power of the God. Getting on the knees in prayer and worshipping with a candle is the offering to the child of the God. You sing the Christmas song and poems in the church.


Diwali celebration is the thing which every kid look forward. Celebrated in the month of October or November, Diwali is festival of lights. Earthen lamps, candles, and electric lights are used to decorate the homes. This time Lord Rama returned to the kingdom Ayodhya after the exile. Henceforth, people lighten up their homes. No matter which religion it is. The light and fire symbolize the inner spirituality and faith in the God.

3. Coming of God to home


You say God doesn’t exist in the 21st century. Thankfully! My parents always let me believe in the God. Alright, in both Christmas and Diwali festivals, God was born and returned back to their kingdom to restore goodness over evil. Hope! You have decorated your wall with Christmas art. Jesus was born of the virgin lady named Mary. To achieve atonement, Christ crucified himself over the cross. Perhaps, Christ was born and died for the humanity and mankind.


Giving Diwali sweets and clicking photos, the festival was stunning. Diwali is celebrated as Lord Rama defeated Ravana. Again, goodness won over evilness. Faith and belief system was established over cruelty. Make sure you celebrate both festivities together.

4. Santa Claus


An old man with the red dress and white beard is the Santa Claus. Do you know who is Santa Claus and his relation with Christmas? Well, if yes please do share in the comment section. Santa Claus is St. Nicholas of Myra. In some European countries, someone was required to deliver presents to innocent children. Consequently, Nicholas was chosen and he became Father of Christmas. Santa was a benevolent man and gave gifts to the poor people. That was all about Santa Claus, be someone’s Santa and fulfill the needs of people.


Sadly, on Diwali, we don’t have any Santa Claus. Relatives and friends exchange gifts on Diwali. If planning to gift anyone, I am waiting. Jokes apart! Everyone loves gifts so do I?

5. Celebration of other festivals

After celebrating Christmas and Diwali, festive event is not yet finished. After Diwali, Bhai Dooj and Goverdhan are celebrated. That too has their own cultural significance. Contrarily, after Christmas, New Year is celebrated. So both are long weekends for festivities.

Wishing our readers a Happy Christmas and New Year. 2018 will be bringing whatever you need in your life.


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