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Create a survey using Google Forms


You can set up events, create a survey or poll, offer students a quiz, or collect different information in a simple, efficient way with Google Forms. You can create a form from Google Drive or from an existing spreadsheet that can record the responses to your form. Forms have existed for a significant amount of time, with historians  having discovered printed forms from the early 19th century that greatly simplified the task of drafting information and various other data.

Advantages of Using Google Forms:

  1. Create Unlimited Free Forms 

Most survey tools online will offer a certain amount of free polls or surveys before they start charging you for the service. This is all sensible and well if you’re a giant company, however if you are simply an everyday one who likes running polls and surveys, you’re out of luck.

Google, on the other hand, will let you run as many polls and surveys as you like. 

2. Outcome will go directly into a Shareable Spreadsheet

If you like collaborating on things with friends or co-workers, then you’ll appreciate that Google Forms can enable you to share each the written material of the forms and therefore the results with as many of us as you wish. Everyone can view them at the same time, make edits at the same time and see other people’s edits as they make them. Google’s document sharing skills so much surpasses something I have ever seen on another survey tool.

3.You Can Get Email Notification of Results

Some of the poll-making and survey-making tools available online will insist that you revisit their site in order to check on results. This is just not very user-friendly in my opinion. Google Forms will let you get notifications or responses to your forms either with each response or in a daily batch.

Follow these steps for your Survey:


  • In the bottom left, click Plus Expand icon to open a form or simply choose the type of template you want.



2016-07-29 (1)


  • A new form will automatically open.



2016-07-29 (2)


  • Add a heading of your form.


  • You can add any queries/questions you wish within the form template. Example, making the question as name and choosing the relevant option you want your option to be in from the dropdown menu. You can also mark the question required or not.


  • You can add more questions by using the Expand icon button.


  • You can add colour to your form using the color pallet.


  • You can also change the presentation of your form by clicking Settings>Presentation.



2016-07-29 (8)


  • You can add Quizzes to your form and give points for each question by Settings>Quizzes.


  • Well!! now get go for your form just send your form by clicking Send through your mode of choice Email, link, social or embedding the HTML code .


Note: Create a form in Google Drive by going to drive.google.com and clicking New > More > Google Forms.

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