Valentine Day: Celebrate Valentine Day without a Valentine

Last year, I celebrated the Valentine Day with my partner. He arranged everything from valentine day gifts to greetings. My morning started with beeps of valentine quotes. He posted the valentine pictures on the social media. That was a perfect valentine day ever. Sadly, this year I am single and don’t want to get engaged with any guy. Perhaps, Valentine day is just weeks ahead. What I am gonna out to do? Look for a Tinder date or make hook-up with a guy. Every option is there, it’s you who will be going to choose out the option. ‘Date yourself’ is the thing which I am going to do out this year. Order Valentine gifts and send Valentine greetings to your parents. Check out the ways how to celebrate the Valentine day without a Valentine. As you are the only valentines for yourself.

1. Hang-out with friends

Hangout with friends

Drastically, your partner may leave you, but friends won’t. My friends meant everything for me. From sexual tease to crying on their shoulders, I make them irritated. On these couple of days, you can send them Valentine day gifts. However, celebrate friendship day with them. If there are couples in your group, avoid going with them.  Believe me! Start loving yourself, no one else can do that. Make them realise what they meant for you. Isn’t a bad option? Valentine day is the day of love. To whom you love is what matters. It is not mandatory that person should be only your boyfriend. Love! Love! Love!

2. Jot down the things you want to do


Last summer, I wished to do paragliding and wanted to go for solo-vacation. But couldn’t make it out, the reason was him only. Frustration and anger of the break-up make my heart sick. This valentines day, you can jot down the things you always wanted to do. Instead of sending valentine greetings, book the tickets for the resort. Probably, the valentine day gifts can be your mobile phone or a vacation. There will be slight difference that this time you will gift yourself.

3. Donate something

On the valentine day, you give valentine day gifts to your partner. Ever thought upon? When last you gift something to your maid. Definitely, this will divert your mind from the thoughts of the valentine day. Spend money on the valentine gifts and give to the slum children. Stationary is the thing which is more beneficial. Think Upon! You can do something for them. Comparatively, when you did for your partner, he didn’t turn up. These kids and their blessings will create the positivity around you. Whosoever said that valentine day is for couples, kick out them and say Valentines day is the day of love and affection.

4. Meet your parents

Sending gifts to your parents won’t do a thing. Rather than sending gifts and greetings, you can meet them. They do understand that you are struck in your work. Often time, they also expect a meet-up with you. Spend some leisure time with your dad. Instead, stop thinking about the partner. Perhaps, I know that you are missing him. Seeing the valentine day pictures all over the social media spoil your mood.

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5. Watch movies

You are stressed after the breakup. And the day of valentine take you on the road of thinking about your partner. Acceptance is the only thing you can do. On the valentine day, you can watch the movies. Horror movie will work out for you. Order a pizza and make some popcorn, a perfect date on the valentine day. Around the corner, there are only gifts and greetings. Watching the action of your celeb can get into the mood. You know what I mean, ping up your male friend and make fun. Feel the air with aroma of amorous body love.

Okay! There is one thing catching in my mind. You love your partner, then why you need a day to celebrate that day. Think! about this and get me know in the comments section. Kudos! If I too get a date on this valentine day.

In the above ways, a valentine can celebrate the valentine day.

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