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I can’t hold them or let it go?


“Mom, please don’t go, let daddy come”

“You ditched me because of her”

Life is a roller coaster and we are part of it. In our individual life, we play different roles. Perhaps, we came across some bad relationships. We think that the relationship will be for lifetime. Perhaps, life is an irony, the moment you think of something permanent, it just get collapsed. Change is the only constant thing in this world. Well, the question arises what to do in that situation. The only option is only “Either you can hold on or let it go”.

1. Just get the idea of situation



It feels amazing when life full of joy. Real challenge arises when things start to get complicated. You tend to lose patience and anger develops. Consequently, ego develops and a relationship is ended. Well, in that circumstance, get the whole picture in mind. Start acting accordingly and you will rock.

2. Holding on but till When?



Things cannot be gone once which meant everything at point. If your feelings are mutual, the best thing is that you could tell to another person, without any expectations. Every relationship deserves chance meet. Let the time decide for you what is best. Keep smiling and enjoy company of onself.

3. Let it go and cannot hold back anymore



Yeah, Frozen song where Elsa let off the things and begin a new life. Letting go is not an easy thing to do. It’s like breaking your own dream with your own hands. You cannot stick to the past, life is more about letting go. Every relationship is based on trust, bond and care. If any of the one is missing, there is no point of holding on. Maybe that’s the time when we should let go and move on.

4. Never Hold Grudges



Life teaches us a lesson, be it a good or a bad. Never hold grudges with anyone. Passage of time is enough to let bygones be bygones. Being wrong can hurt, and negative feelings tend to develop. You might feel upset or angry with people sometime. The remedy of the solution is don’t hold grudges. Forgiveness is the signature stamp of a good person. Forgive then and just move on.

However, hold on to what has value in your life. Do what you can to keep it that way to hold on. The moment you realise that it is lost and irreplaceable. Simply move on and devote your energy to your goals.



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