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I can bleed and I am not a FEMALE


Periods are the emergency alert for women. The blood is triggered from vagina; you have to save yourself from the red bullets. However, it’s still manageable for girls. They know which weapons to use in this red battlefield. Perhaps, “Do only girls bleed” or “Are there any more people who bleed secretly”? Mystery unlocked, non-binary and transgender too bleed. Thankfully! There are people in this planet that can sympathize me. Ugh! Periods really make my day worst and full of disgust. Although, I love my body but this screwed me. Whoa! Now some guys and transgender too feel what I suffer. Check out what happened with these people, when the red bullet triggered out without any alarm. Here are some incidents shared by the people who bleed,

1. “Men too have vagina and can bleed every month. Your periods ensure your body is functioning normally”


Since from childhood I was a Trans guy. Spending my days in using toilet paper and tampons, I felt bad about my periods. Having a period is a feminine thing. I was a guy with feminine characters. Perhaps, I never talk to my parents and friends about this. Believe me! There is nothing wrong of getting periods. I am proud of myself of who I am.

2. “In this heterosexual world, people like me don’t exist for society. But we do exist and embrace our periods.”


When I started with my periods, I was so much shy and embarrassed. My Mary Aunty told me to not to talk about this to anyone. However, my Dad congratulated me over my maturity phase. In starting I didn’t want to talk to anyone about my periods.

Obviously, now I proudly say that I am a transgender and bleed every month. We don’t talk much about this as getting periods for transgender people are uncomfortable.

3. “Getting cramps into classroom and bunking the lectures”

I chose to transform my gender to male and went through many therapies. On the contrary, I love my vagina and my male identity. My friends and family accepted me as a Trans guy. Sadly, it becomes tough when I was suffering from PMS pain. The college nurse use to ask me millions questions “Why are you taking off and bunking lectures”.

4. “I was in an office and suddenly my pants got a red stains all over”


Even though I know everything about periods and all girly problems. However, I am a non-binary Trans person, who enjoy feminist things but doesn’t want periods. I felt highly disappointed in front of my colleagues as my pants got a red stain. Ugh! They began looking me as if I am a terrorist. I think I am better in being non-binary.

5. “In public washroom menstrual cups are easy to use in men compartment”


My friend suggested me to start using the menstrual cups as they are small in size. Comparatively, pads and tampons cause irritation and infection. Sadly! I bleed for a month when I had this infection.

I don’t know why periods are for only girls. Even men too can have periods and can handle all the things altogether. I always talk openly with my all Trans queer friends.



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