Create a bucket – Amazon S3(Simple Storage Service)

Amazon Simple Storage Service(Amazon S3) is the storage for the internet. It is used to make the web-scale operations faster, easier and scalable. It can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data from anytime and anywhere on the internet.

Amazon S3 creates buckets in a arena you specify. You can accept any AWS Arena that is geographically abutting to you to optimize latency, abbreviate costs, or abode authoritative requirements. For example, if you abide in Europe, you ability acquisition it advantageous to actualize buckets in the EU (Ireland) or EU (Frankfurt) regions. For a account of Amazon S3 regions, head to Regions and Endpoints within the AWS General Reference. You are not answerable for creating a bucket; you are answerable alone for autumn altar in the brazier and for appointment altar in and out of the bucket. The accuse you will acquire through afterward the examples in this adviser are basal (less than $1).

Amazon S3 Features

  • Create buckets – It acts like a container in Amazon S3 that stores data.
  • Store data in buckets – You can store an infinite amount of data in a bucket and as many objects where each object can contain upto 5TB of data.
  • Download data – You can download data from your bucket and also enable others to do so.
  • Set permissions – You can set out permissions for the users that who can upload or download data from bucket or access the bucket.

Amazon S3 Pricing

As amazon S3 is a part of free usage tier so you can get started with Amazon S3 for free. On sign-up to AWS Management Console, you may get 5GB of free commonplace storage, 20,000 GET requests, 2,000 PUT requests and 15GB of information transfer out every month for 1 year. After 5GB of free storage it will charge you some minimal standard cost for the data you stored on your S3.

Follow the steps to create a bucket:

  • Sign-in to AWS Management Console and click S3 from the console.
  • Click Create Bucket from the top-left corner.

Screenshot from 2016-12-29 16-33-48


  • Create a Bucket dialog box will appear, then in the Bucket Name box, enter a bucket name.

Screenshot from 2016-12-29 16-34-22

Note: The bucket name you are choosing should be in lower-case and unique from all the existing bucket names in Amazon S3. Any region can be selected but I am choosing Oregon because it has minimal costs. Once the bucket is created, you can not change the bucket name then it will be visible in the URL that points to objects stored in the bucket.

  • Click Create.
  • When Amazon S3 creates your bucket, it will show your bucket in the Buckets panel.


amazon s3

You have successfully created a bucket in AWS S3.

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