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Let’s break up!!!


A relationship is an amorous feeling in the world. We love those cuddles and squeezing in the arms of beloved. The partner wakes you up in the morning, with kisses and hugging. The bond of affection is based on mutual understanding and trust. There are candle light dinner, long drives and romance in the air. Everything is perfect and we believe, we have got the best life partner in the world. Perhaps, there is a darker side of treason and disloyalty. Trust is built in the couple of months. With just glimpse of one reason, it broke up. Arrogance leads to the rise of ego which consequently replaces the passionate love. Moving out from the bad relationship is the solution of the problem. It seems easy to forget those nights, we spent with our beau. Call for a help, meet a friend or deviate your mind, here are some tips to move on from bogus relationship.

1. Meet your friends



Avoid isolation and solitude. Meet a friend or relative and create a positive environement around yourself. Heal the scar with the medicine of love and affection.

2. Keep on reality check



Be yourself and start something new, according to the choice and interests. Go for cycling or swimming. Just peddle the sorrow and choose the happiness.

3. Don’t make tough decision



In solitariness, we make harsh decisions on ourselves. A notion is evolved that “it might be my mistake”, “I was not a good partner” “Why he left me”. Certainly, it leads to depression or drug abuse. Make your peace and develop a positive attitude.

4. Take time



Time is the healing factor in the relationship. Take time and understand the thing. A whole journey is awaiting and begins with new start


Folks!!! Don’t drag yourself in the bad relationship. Life is not ended. You deserve better love and mutual understanding. Follow these tips and help your dear ones, to overcome from the trauma. Keep an eye check on your partner in the relationship. Indeed, love is blind. Don’t let that blindness to darken your life.

“Be safe and enjoy the life”


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