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You know your body makes you beautiful


Had a resolution on New Year that “Oh Dear Christ, I won’t be eating fries or chocolate. I need to get in shape and impress Jacob”. However, resolution is a promise, exist in air only. Just stop judging your body with others. Tried out gyms and aerobics, but still can’t get into shape. Well, why you need to change yourself for sake of others. Believe in yourself and your body is beautiful.

1. Different appearances

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In our hand, all our fingers are not similar. On the parallel, human beings are not same yet different. What makes you beautiful? Obvious, your features, style, body posture and attitude. Then why aren’t you trying to pose up as Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johnson.

2. Beauty doesn’t last



Everything is not permanent in this world, so your boyfriend or girlfriend. Applying foundation and linear, will long last till 24 hours. Surely, you can get the glamorous look in a party. Think about your body which will remain with you. Keep in mind that you are beautiful from inside.

3. Positive attitude



I am blissful right now at the moment. Be positive and confident in your workplace. I am more rejoiced, when people applaud me for my success. The compliments given for beauty are just bogus.

4. Love your body postures



You need to live your life on your own terms and values. Unfortunately, you are deceiving yourself by making your body slim. Changing your body shape kills your self esteem.

5. No choice is left



Surely, you will hate you fat thighs and big boobs. Have you ever think, why you didn’t love your body organs. Well, your response will be they are fat and ugly. Hold on, when you can’t love your body, you cannot be loved by anyone.

6. Fat is beautiful



Oh Ladies! Fat is beautiful, it glorifies your body. No one is born perfect, then how come fat will be equally distributed in your body. Dieting is all what you do to make your crush happy. Seriously, food is life, then why avoiding it. “Be panda and eat banana”.

7. Stop complaining



Seriously, complaining to everyone that you are fat and not beautiful. These nonsensical thoughts will make you put downward. Guys stop complaining and start doing.

8. Be unique



Just give a thought, can you be Emma Watson. Coping her lifestyle and appearances, you can look like her. Perhaps, you cannot be truly Emma. Dear trust me, you are born unique. Create your own identity and be yourself. Getting slim won’t make you cool. Your beauty glorifies you, not outward appearances.


Fat is beautiful, so are you


  1. I love myself and my body. I really don’t care what anyone thinks. One of my favorite quotations is, “Do you, always,” which is a great reminder to do what I want to do (exercise, put on makeup, wear a crop top with my size 10 body), all of the time. Great post.


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