Gaming Chair- The Best one to Play with

Are you looking for something that enhances your gaming comfort level and overall enjoyment during the gaming session? Something to take your gaming experience to the next level? Then you are in the right place. A good quality gamer chair is what that will lift your gaming experience. If you spend an hour or three online on gaming and have stiff legs or sore back when you get up then I’m sure you are sitting on inadequate chair! You need a best quality gaming chair.

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Your chair should be durable, flexible and comfortable to manage the long hours that it will inevitably be used for. Moreover, it should have all functions that are vital for a gamer – in essence an adjustable and comfortable headrest, armrest and a spacious footrest as well.

DXRacer are best gaming chairs available in the market. These chair suits for every type of person – from a gamer to someone who works and plays via their laptop and consoles. This article features top DXRacer gaming chairsBut, if you are looking for a detailed review — please click here.

1. DX Racer (OH/MX0/NW) Gaming Chair


This DXRacer gaming chair is of the best, when it comes to a good quality gaming chair. It is expensive but its standout features justifies the price. It’s perfect combo of comfort and sport looks. It has a wider and deeper seating area. The seating area measures 20.5” x 20.5”. The lumber cushion and the premium head pillow increase the comfort level. It has an aluminum base bottom hence it will last longer. It’s design is ergonomically correct so you don’t have to worry about back pain. It is constructed from a race car seat breathable material. It has backrest which gives extra support to your spine and neck. It’s specially designed armrests are super soft. It can be adjusted 180 degree. It has 8 levels of adjustments.

2. DX Racer (RF0/NW) Gaming Chair


This DXRacer gaming chair is less expensive than the one mentioned above but it has still all features that are essential for a gamer. It’s key feature is that it has a taller and wider backrest which makes it ideal for those who are slightly larger than average in physical dimensions. Moreover, it has rating of 5 stars. Its standout features includes tubular steel frame and metal star base which increases its durability. It is constructed from high-density cold cure foam filling hence this chair remains comfortable even for 8+ hours. The design of footrest is new and is made up of a strong nylon material which is stronger than steel. Ergonomics are kept in mind during the build of this chair. It’s patent race car seat breathable material added comfort. It has armrests which possess 8 different positions. It incorporates the tilt-mechanism which allows angling all the way back up to 180 degrees for increasing the comfort to maximum.

If you are an active gamer then a gamer chair of high quality is absolutely essential for you. So be smart and invest in the best.

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