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Isn’t beard meant for healthier than cooler purpose?


“With Great Beards comes Great Responsibility”

When anything is trending, people simply try to copy it. Beards have been fashionable across the world. Scientific studies revealed that men grow facial hairs to act as “Dominant, Masculine and Aggressive”. You can encounter all shapes and sizes of beard such as hipster beards. Perhaps, some people believe that growing beard is not an epitome of manhood. It’s just a misconception, and they shaved their beards.

Howdy!!! Still men exist who hold passion for their beards. Beyond than the fashionable thing, it consists of healthier purposes. Moreover, there are more health benefits of being bearded.

1.Maintains skin moisture



Shaving the facial hairs can open the pore and cause cuts. When pores are open, skin loses their moisture and pimples grew. Whoa, but grown beard reduce this and keeps your skin healthy.

2. Prevents bacterial infection



An infection is caused by the bacteria which come from multiple sources. It is extremely dangerous, when it enters into the skin. On the other hand, beard closes those pores.

3. Less Wrinkles



The exposure to sun and pollution gets you more wrinkles. Grow beard and take the benefit of beauty and handsome looks.

4. Develops confidence



According to scientific survey conducted, a bearded man has more confidence and creativity. So, for making reputation in the competitive world, you should be growing that.

5. Blocks the UV radiations



Almost 95% of the UV radiations enter into the body in summer season. Well, beard acts as a saviour and saves you from skin cancer.

6. No acnes



When you shave frequently, there are strong chances that smooth skin will exist. Acnes are caused by the bacteria, which comes naturally by shaving.

7. Makes you look younger




Youth is the quintessential stage in one’s individual life. Growth of beard removes acnes, allergies and acnes out of field. Moreover, beard again makes you stylish persona.

Thinking about beard ? Well stop thinking and grow beard. Make yourself a gentlemen not a boy.





    • Indeed 😊😊it is Ngumabi. Every thing has dual nature beard do also have it. Facial hairs are required which as often shave it.

  1. That’s so cool! I would have never thought there were other benefits to having a beard than just a personal style choice! It’s so funny how helpful our body hair is but we choose to shave so much of it.

  2. I enjoy a five o’clock shadow but I also love my husband’s jaw line clean shaven. I think it is each man’s choice. To beard or not to beard, that is the question.

    • Dear Addison 😊it’s all depend on the environment, where you live. Truly , it’s a choice of every man . But having a beard can protect your face from tanning 👌. The answer of your question is that it should be both. You need to cut your beard as well and even shave it , so that bad facial hair can be trimmed

    • Glad 😘 Joy keep in touch ☺. Make your brothers legend and gentlemen. Its not beard which makes you responsible. Just action and deeds makes you great human being


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