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Android Instant Apps – Run apps without installing


One of the most talked topics today is the Google’s Announcement in its I/O Developer Conference 2016 Keynote about Android Instant Apps. This feature is meant to help link the bridge between web apps and the native apps. An change in app administration and discovery, Android Instant Apps enables Android apps to run instantly, after acute installation. Instant Apps lets you acquaintance what you adulation about apps—fast and admirable user interfaces, top performance, and abundant capabilities.

What a user want from Android apps, that it should be fast accessible, beautiful user interfaces, great availability and high performance. So, here is Google’s feature of Instant apps to run apps instantly without getting it installed –  with just a tap. It lets the user experience elegant and immersive apps, with smooth animations and material design without getting them install on your device.


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But it seems like these instant apps are not being available for the general public to dabble with it yet. After over half a year once this feature was proclaimed by Google, one or two of instant apps are prepared for testing that to be restricted. Users will get access to these apps for a limited test to give a feedback for product improvement. These few instant apps embrace BuzzFeed, Periscope, Viki and Wish.

These instant apps are also built on Google Play Services, so it means that it will run on a majority of devices that uses Google Play Services. For Developers, Google plans to possess the complete Android Instant apps SDK out there before long. They will be able to rebuild their existing apps by modularizing it and downloading the needed portion through Google Play. So, it will be an easy way for the user to get a better experience of the apps and using them anytime and anywhere on the go.

There must be some questions arising in mind related to instant apps:


How will permissions work in Android Instant apps?

These apps will use the runtime permission model which is introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow version (API level 23)

What Android APIs can instant apps use?

Android Instant apps is like an upgrade of the existing android apps not a separate one. It uses the identical android APIs, same ASCII text file and also the same project. Besides this, it restricts some functionalities like it can’t use background services or do the background notifications.

Does a developer currently ought to develop the 2 different apps now, one build for original and one for instant apps?

No, but the developer needs to maintain the one project with one source tree that means they will configure the project with two build artifacts – the installable APK and the instant app version.


So, this is a big change by the Google to give people a better experience to their apps and to make an easy way for them to get a task done in time.



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