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Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant – Best AI Assistant


If you see this growing AI technologies where people are talking with their devices like another person then I would say that Amazon Alexa is taking the lead in the market. As it is gaining the control over AI world, all the massive techy players find this talking to AI as a soon becoming a way to interact with the computers.

So, the companies have started building their own AI systems. Apple has SIRI, Microsoft has CORTANA in its Windows 10 and Google had OK GOOGLE but now it has a new and refreshed one that is GOOGLE ASSISTANT.




Some people might have not known much about Amazon’s Alexa AI system as they know about Apple’s Siri because nowadays everyone is having an iPhone and using Siri personally for their day to day activities. I would say Alexa is best among all the AI systems in the market beause of its voice recognition, response time, getting user’s view capability and many more. Amazon launched Alexa in 2015 as a main feature in Echo Dot Speakers and Home-Based Echo.

However, the lacking feature of Alexa is screenless AI system to show the information on but beyond this it has got its depth in the AI world. Best in setting out reminders and alarms, better music selector compared to other provided AI systems and many more features which I am going to list out in another post. In my case, I would love to recommend Alexa for a best home-based AI.




Apple Inc. was first to launch Siri as an assistant in 2011 which expanded its functionalities to alternative Apple devices like Macintosh, iPads and now the Homekit Smart Home Service. From the point, what users found notable is its disarming temperament and sass respondent users’ queries.

This feature is mainly associated with the iPhone and it has also been labelled as helpful assistant which is best in providing answers to user’s questions and performing basic tasks. Besides, Apple has expanded its capabilities and support to even 3rd party-apps  in 2016.

Google Assistant



As way as colloquial AI assistants are involved, the Google Assistant that extended in 2016 could be a beginner. Google Now was the previous AI assistant for Google launched in 2012 which did everything the Siri does except the ‘talk-back‘. But now Google Assistant is gaining popularity among folks within this techy-world by its capability of providing additional information associated with the user’s question. It is also notable about the system to be able to perceive a lot of accents than Siri.

Meanwhile, critics say that the assistant compounds the privacy issues users have already got relating to Google. Google Assistant is on the market on Android and laptop, further as on iOS, albeit with restricted practicality. Additionally, last year, Alphabet Inc. launched Google Home a voice activated speaker supercharged by Google Assistant, that rivals Amazon’s Echo.




You can ne’er accuse Microsoft Corp. of not making an attempt its best to rival Apple, doomed Zune MP3 players be damned. The computer code giant debuted the AI assistant, Cortana, named when the AI character within the Halo computer game franchise, in 2014. Endemic within the latest Windows operational systems, Cortana has since expanded into Microsoft’s Edge net browser, further as on Android and iOS phones, creating it a widely-available on-the-go AI assistant different.

Microsoft Corp. plans to integrate Cortana into additional of its properties, just like the Xbox play console, the Skype chat app, and also the LinkedIn social network. And in fact it’s power-driven by Bing, the Microsoft-owned programme that’s on Year Nine of making an attempt very arduous to contend with market leader Google.


So, in this fast-paced tech world where technology is becoming the need of every human, the capabilities of AI systems may vary in future for sure which takes over every task like a pure humanoid work. Tell me your views in the comments below. I would be glad to hear from you.


  1. This is such a great post and very timely for me! I’ve been contemplating buying an Echo Dot, or possibly now the Echo Show, so I’m really glad I came across your review!


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