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9 Diary Entries for a Mother


Mother is a special angel from God. She cares and nurture for you. You realise her importance during the adverse situation. From morning to evening, she cooks food and take care of every need. Perhaps, she did everything without a single expectation. Hold on did we ever realise her position in our life. Obviously, answer is Hell No! We are so occupied in our professional life, that we forgot her. A age comes and god took her away from us. Celebrating Mother’s Day cannot payback to her sacrifices. All we can do is to make her happy and cheerful. Spend some time and cook food for her. Well, there are some diaries which we wish to write for our momma.


1. In childhood days, you took care of me



2. Missed dad, mom you play dual role for me



3. Fucking school time

3 (1)


4. I still remember how much I cried



5. Bad grades

6 (1)


6. Sorry Momma you sacrifice your career



7. Left you alone and went

8 (1)


8. I took you taken for granted

9 (3)


9. Come back mom, I want to live with you



By just holding the idea of losing my mother, I sobbed. Moreover, there were some diary entries which I could write for her. Well, the moment you start adoring her. She will be in heaven. Stay with her and keep her smile.



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