8 Insane ways to Motivate Yourself

Feeling the same jackass too often?? Need something to kick you up. Try to motivate yourself with these simple non-sensual ways. Well I tried this insane motivation for myself but you know I am already an insane. I am sure you’ll find this interesting.

1. Do something insane and feel proud of it

Yes, actually do something insane like what I just did by putting a bright pink colour as the heading colour and I am proud of it. Well that was lame but, you can try out by bringing out the most crazy part of yours and feel free to do anything.

2. Don’t give a Damn!!

Comparing what you have and your results to what other people have is just so boring now. There are always people ahead of you. Most likely quite a bit of people. And a few of them are miles ahead. So focus on you. You cannot reach out to everyone. So chill and start “I don’t give a damn!!“.

3. Switch off the world.

For a while just like the phone battery says a ‘Good Bye!‘ to us try giving a good bye to everyone around and just leave everything. Plug in the earphones and become a wanderer. Go for a slight walk not knowing any direction and leaving everything behind.

4. Make a deal with yourself.

Be the next yourself and make small deals with I, Me and Myself. It will help you get over procrastination and getting things done. For example, try tempting yourself with a yummy chocolate cake bite whenever the deal is through. Well I do that for myself.

5. Be the King/Queen.

Look at the mirror and see that dull person. Nooooooooo!!! Just kick off that mirror(not really). But, start giving time to yourself, care about each and every small thing that makes you happy. Be the real King/Queen of your lives and trust me you will be one.

6. Reprogram your brain.

Well coding I know boring job. But, yes reprogram your brain the way it thinks. Debug the negative part and Ctrl+Alt+Del. Program the positive part in your brain and see the output will be a ‘No Error‘. Ever thought programming can be so useful to us like this. Think over it (positive).

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7. Bring out the Creative part.

Well pull up your canvas and be the most creative person on the earth. Pen down your thoughts you hear all inside you, try recreating them. Put the best effort you can and then see what smile it brings to you at the end. Don’t worry how will it look as you are only going to see it. Try out!!

8. Everyday is a New Day.

You celebrate your birthday every year. Why? Just because you just finished one complete cycle and headed for another. What happens when you a finish a day and headed for the other. Why not celebrate the every new day cycle. Waking up with a beautiful sunshine on your eyes saying a HAPPY NEW DAY. Think over it once and you won’t need any motivation post to help you. But, it will come on its own.

Happy Motivating!!

9 Comments on 8 Insane ways to Motivate Yourself

  1. I have been trying to do some of this for the past month, and it really is working, will start with the other ones, special the I, ME, MYSELF one im sure it will give me the motivation i need so much xD

  2. I love your “Be the Queen” advice. It can be really easy to get down on ourselves and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But seeing ourselves as great can help us actually become great!

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