8 best ways to cope When your Father is away

Father’s Day is knocking our doors; thus it’s the time to celebrate such a splendid day! A father is a “King” to his daughter and a “Warrior” to his son. “We need our mother the most, but a father lays equal importance in a child’s life.”  My dad is my superhero, indeed! This is a week to celebrate you as a leader and your compassion that you always adore, DADDY. A father holds an immense position in his child’s life because of his love, courage, strength, and perseverance. But what if, he is not there on his special day? Though, it is the toughest time for any man to be alone on such a significant day; the reason could be either professional or personal.

I miss you Daddy, but I know how to cope up when you are not here. Nobody can make you distress when your  father is not with you. If you feel the same, these below mentioned bullets may remove your distress. 

1. Write him a letter…


Giving cards are out of trend now. That’s too common. The letter is something personal; try it write it. Try to showcase your love into flowering words and phrases when he is not around. Make him realize how proud you are and what he actually meant to you! It definitely going to be touchy for your father; after all, he will receive a heartwarming message from one of his children. Trust me, this is one of the best gifts for him.

2. Find a second to call them…


No matter, how busy your dad is? But he is definitely looking for a call from you to wish him. So give it a shot! You can’t meet them. But definitely, you can ring them for a second. Manage some time and make Skype calls or face time calls to make your daddy realize that they are special to you.

3. Celebrate on any day…


Father’s day is just a date set by people. It couldn’t buy you the happiness which you can frame for yourself. You can celebrate father’s day daily. Don’t go for a date; while focusing on the emotions! Make your father realize that he means the world to you.

4. Use social media…


Well, we are aware of the fact that social media has become a new trend to link two people together. Then why not try it out? Try to post on Facebook or Instagram or anywhere, what you feel for your WARRIOR or KING.

5. Do what he likes…


Try to copy his hobbies; no matter how cranky it may sound. This is one among the best way to show how much you understand your loved ones and how you see things through their eyes. No matter, you like that hobby or not, but what matters is your daddy likes it.

6. Organize the Get-Together…


Your father is not around; but it’s father’s day – a day to be celebrated. Organize the party, record it and send parts and parcels to your Pa, showing how much you miss him.

7. Buy some gifts for him…


Make it a surprise! “Hey daddy, here’s your gift. Happy Father’s Day!”  Buy something precious and hand over him when he is back. And hug him tightly.

8. Make visit to him…


Visit him if it’s possible for you. Make your best to make them experience that they hold a crucial place in your heart. And you will do anything to keep them with you! “Shower your love

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  1. It is so important for us to appreciate our parents, so even when they are away doing any of these are just a nice sign to show you care. Great Read!

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