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7 Reasons you should buy the Google Pixel 2XL today


Just as other Android phones launched this year, Google Pixel 2XL will not exist in a vacuum but in an industry where consumers are overwhelmed by choice. With apps in phones becoming quite similar across various devices, the specifications have to stand out to make its cut in the market. Google considered this and gave the gadget new features not seen in earlier Pixel phones. Below are seven reasons why you should buy the Google Pixel 2XL today.

1. The Cameras

The Pixel 2XL has a phenomenal camera. Although the phone has only one rear camera, Google managed to give it a portrait mode feature by incorporating appropriate technology. With only a single camera, the device allows the phone to render the background more blurry and keep the subject as the point of focus. This feature gives the photos a professional look. Despite this feature being produced by software, it comes off surprisingly natural. The front camera also offers the portrait mode, something most Android phones do not have. When it comes to image processing, the Android phone strongly delivers.

2. Dual Front-facing Speakers

Google brought front-facing speakers with the Nexus phones but disappointingly took them away when they introduced the Pixel phone in 2016. Fortunately, the front-facing stereo speakers are back. They come with reasonably good sound and loudspeakers. The placement gives relief from worrying about covering the speaker while holding it. Also, using the dual stereo external speakers directs audio in the right direction.

3. Timely Updates

The Pixel 2XL runs on Google’s Android operating system. It, therefore, gets less cluttered and nicer updates compared to other Android devices, which run on modified software. This feature also ensures that the phone gets Android updates right when Google launches them.

4. Automatic Song Detection

The phone comes with a “Now Playing” feature, which detects music being played in the surrounding automatically. Though disabled by default, the feature can be activated in the settings. It comes with an added advantage of operating offline unlike other similar products that only work online. It allows the title and artist of the song to appear automatically on the lock screen. This gives the user access to the information.

5. Pressure-Sensitive Assistant

In a new feature that gives the gadget an extra way for users to interact with it, the sides of the Google Pixel 2XL are sensitive to pressure. Giving the active edges of the phone, a squeeze will launch Google Assistant without having to unlock the phone and allows you to silence a call. Although you cannot optimize what the sides can do, the squeeze intensity to which your gadget responds is adjustable.

6. Excellent Battery Life

The device comes with a 3520 mAh battery, which boasts of an excellent battery life capable of taking the user through a typical day of web browsing, taking photos, phone calls, YouTube videos, social media, and email use. It can offer seven hours of actual real-world usage, which includes a mix of web browsing, talk and standby feature, with only 15 minutes of charging through its USB-C charger. The combined features of quick charging ability and a great battery life ensures that you are confident of using the phone throughout the day.

7. Water and Dust Resistance

The second generation of Google’s Pixel phones comes with waterproofing. With an IP67 water and dust resistance rating, the Pixel 2XL can survive three feet of fresh water for 30 minutes at a time. This additional element is a plus for the new phone, bearing in mind that users were disappointed in Google’s decision to forego the feature in the earlier Pixel devices.

The Pixel 2XL comes in a black and white version with an option of 64GB or 128GB. Although it still supports physical SIM cards, it comes with an embedded electronic SIM card (eSIM) which allows you to connect to a network without a physical SIM card. With the distinctive features discussed above, you have all the reasons to buy a Google Pixel 2XL today.

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