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7 brilliant ways on How to Save Money in dumbest manner


Making money is cooler, but how to save money in the best way is smart move. “I want to buy a Mercedes Car”. You know you assume that money saving is impractical task. To resolve this task and save more money, some tips are shared down right below. Master your savings account and say “I will buy my Mercedes Car”.

1. Take smart decisions about debt


Don’t worry debt won’t force you to suicide.  Got credit cards, debit cards, and study loan. Make a list of your debts and potentially save needed money. It might impact your lifestyle standard of living.

2. Money Conversation


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Even if you are dating or married, you need to have money talk. Keep a bookmark or add a note in mobile phone. Make a serious commitment about money saving. You ought to talk to your partner about future financial goals.

3. Saving Account


While going shopping or buy groceries, you tend to buy worthless articles.  Targeting to buy essential products helps to make a monthly budget. Open a saving account and limit your cash transactions.

4. Get treat from others


Jennie, I am going out of money. Could you please give me a favor”. Asking your friend to pay for your food bills isn’t a bad choice. Bang on, you can save money and add to your wallet.

5. Cut down unnecessary shopping


Putting space in your wardrobe for new clothes is not a big deal. Perhaps, your mission how to save money will be cancelled.  Break from plastic money and carry cash allowance. Just turn away your face from favorite brands.

6. Focus on real needs


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Don’t make a sacrifice on your protein vegetables. Plan your financial needs and start saying “BIG NO”. Just motivate yourself of any vacation or foreign tour.

7. Tracking your expenses


You need a budget, if you really want to be happy at the end of month. Most people make a blunder that they ignore their basic needs. Get a big picture in your head, and plan accordingly.

For sure, I am going to save money. Saving money for cool purposes is a better option. Rather than wasting, remember

“Time is money”


  1. Great tips. I grew up in a family that does all these things and I remember being so mind blown when I got to college and most people didn’t know this stuff. Thanks for posting!

  2. You have suggested some very nice tips to save money. I think really need to follow these because I spend my earnings so carelessly 🙂🙂 and yes the pictures used are just awesome 👏


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