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5 Heroic Stories of Acid Attack Survivors


The Acid Survivors Foundation India is an organisation working for the rights of victims. Culprits aim not to kill the women, but led them to live a life of suffering. However, grief and stress killed their inner potential. Patriarchy is always biased and no relief fund is granted to acid attack survivors. Nearly in all parts of the world, the crime exist. The mentality of criminal, while attacking exist is that “How did she dare to say no to me”. The answer NO slams the male egoism. Acid attack on women is a mundane topic, which you encounter easily in newspapers. However, Alok Dixit launched the campaign of Stop Acid AttacksBringing out the stories of those acid burn women, their courageous journey is vividly described. Furthermore, lets join our hand to support them. While, you can employ them in your organisations.

1. Lalita Benbasi

story of acid attacker survivor

Undergone through 25 medical surgeries, doctors recreated her ears. A small quarrel argument happened in the Uttar Pradesh with cousin. The male egoism was wounded and riding on motorbike, two men throw acid on her face in the dark night. Months later, NGO Make Love Not Scars raised donations to help the victim. Every inch of the skin was burnt; Lalita was afflicted to wretchedness and pathos. Perhaps, she doesn’t spoke to word to anyone in the family.

2. Reshma Qureshi

story of acid attacker survivor

Reshma and Gulshan board a train to Uttar Pradesh. Filing the complaint against husband for kidnapping his son, Gulshan was not able to legal adoption of her son. On the early morning, the sisters were on their way to destination. Four men accosted the sisters and threw acid on the face of Reshma. Due to lack of treatment, she lost her both eyes. Months later, the girl stopped attending any societal function and cling to a room. A sense of sorrow and pain killed the beautiful Reshma.

3. Daulat Khan and Saira Bani

story of acid attacker survivor

With the involvement of woman in the acid attack, a sister and her husband throw acid on the face of three sisters. Quarreling over the family property, the trio – Daulat Khan, Saira Bani and Reshma decided to visit her elder sister. Initially, an acid was poured on their face which seems like water. Furthermore, the room was filled with smoke and dust, injuring the sisters. Two years later, employers slammed the door on their faces. While, cooking food in the kitchen, they tried not to touch their scars.

4. Shaboo


Receiving the financial and emotional support from Ashram, Shaboo was mesmerizing why acid was thrown on her face. The attack doesn’t kill her, but engulfed in the trauma of the death of her mother and brother was adopted by maternal aunt. Probably, might omnipotence power helped her to relief the trauma.

5. Geeta

top-5-acid attackers

The desire to blessed with baby boy, killed many girl child. Succumbed to this idea, Geeta’s husband throw acid on her daughters and own wife. In pretension of masculinity, men drank alcohol and beat their wife. Physical assault was tolerated by Geeta every night. The night turned into horror, when he pours acid on them, to get rid of the burden. Months passed, the gruesome attack took her daughter to death and husband was released from the jail. While, her wife withdraw the FIR from police station. Henceforth, raise your voice and protest against the gruesome act.




  1. How can people do such things, and not think about how it’s going to affect the others. These people are so strong for getting through this and fighting on.

    • Sondra, they are not people just morons who attack the women pride. They are holding a view point of gender that being male they are superior. Instead, they are not in reality.

  2. I’ve read about these incidents and the organizations that are helping with reconstructive surgery. It is just so sad that humans can do this to another.

  3. I cannot imagine what life is like for these strong and beautiful women. I feel heartbroken that they have to experience this in their life. Raising awareness will definitely help.


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