14 Post Breakup Gifts for Ex-Girlfriend

Breakups are not always wishful. Sometimes they just reluctantly happen. It can be either the situation or a sheer misunderstanding that might end up in separation of the love birds. Those nostalgic moments might always be a part of your life. You can make the last attempt of getting her back by giving a heart touching Post Breakup Gifts. The gift would either compel her to come back or leave an eternal memory about you in her mind. Having a breakup after running a crocked relationship is the worst feeling ever. When you give something to a person, you create a memory in their mind through that thing. Atleast by exchanging gifts, you would get an additional chance to see her and talk to her. Breakup gifts is the best way to keep wandering the mind of your beloved. Who knows! the gift might instigate her to ring you and come back.

1. Perfume


Probably, you are gifting her something post breakup, it must be more touching. Give her the perfume bottle that you liked on her instead of the one that she typically carries. That smell will keep on lingering those memories in her mind after she sprays the perfume. Perfume is amongst the best post breakup gifts for ex-girlfriend.

2. Glassware


Remember the last time when you came late after booking the movie tickets? Your head almost escaped the shot she threw on you! The breakable glassware would remind the girl of those silly moments that you people shared together. However, the anger and the mistakes that both of you committed while relishing the pink relationship.

3. Personalized pillow


A pillow with a picture of something that represented your love might do the needful.  Moreover, just gift her fluffy one so that she can use it on daily basis and remember you every night for sure.

4. A Gel Candle


A gel candle would make her recollect those romantic candle light dinners that you both planned together. Almost, the burning candle would signify the burning love. Gift a candle of your favorite color (she must know your favorite color!) and attach a note with it to create the gift somewhat more melodramatic.

5. T-shirt

t shirt

Customized things are the best in every way. A t-shirt that carries your favorite picture of her can be gifted by you. Every time she’ll look at it, she’ll probably remember the day when you both were together.

6. The Encouraging Bubblegum

bubble gum

A bubblegum that carries “You were loved”, “You are loved” and “You will be loved”, is the best way to make her emotional. The term love exists no matter whether the couple stays together or gets separated.

7. Necklace divided into two


Love younecklace would tell her that you have always been there for her. It would be a great idea to gift her beautiful diamond studded necklace that carries the “Love You Forever” message.

8. Card


Gift a musical card as the post breakup gifts for ex-girlfriend. The card must carry certain writings that either portray that you have moved on or are totally towards bringing her back.

9. Cups


Coffee mugs are cool! They can be gifted to everyone at any point of time. The cursed coffee mugs that carry pictures can be considered as an option. Or if you don’t wish to get something customized, just search for the breakup mugs that carry matching texts. Buy one and gift it to her.

10. Tear Drop Key Chain


This was a cool thing that I came across recently. A beautiful key chain with eyes and nose in the shape of a tear drop is the best post breakup gifts for ex-girlfriend. It would remind her that you are just not happy with the breakup that happened between you both.

11. Novel


A novel like “Two States” or “I too had a Love Story” would definitely make her crave for you. The storyline of both novels are quite touching. These are my personal favorite. If you too have read a novel based on love story, you can choose to use it as the post breakup gift for ex-girlfriend.

12. A Pillow with sign of Heart Break


You can buy a red pillow with a band aid or something that symbolizes heart break between you two. Just Google “heart break pillows” or “break up pillow gift” and you would get some of the best suggestions for post breakup gifts for ex-girlfriend.

13. Cookies and Chocolates


Gift her chocolates and tag a note something like which says “Last chocolates from my side, you will be missing these as from now”. Doing this would remind her of those huge chocolate boxes that you often brought for her.

14. Jewelry


A jewelry that hangs certain breakup texts can be given. You can even buy customized jewelry with your name or written over it. Every time she’d see that jewelry, she’ll miss being in the relationship.

Try knowing her feelings for you by talking in a loving manner. It may be really tough to initiate the conversation, but you have to do it. After all, you have a gift as a concrete excuse to meet her and talk. Gift these little things and get a smile.

-Suanlian Tangpua – ‘Guest Author

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  1. The post breakup gift . . . I just cannot imagine giving any gift like this to anyone after breaking up with them. Even if I was the one dumped I don’t think I could find myself doing this. These are very beautiful gifts though. I can understand not wanting to hurt someone but sometimes in breakups, the clean break is the best if it is feasible.

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