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10 ways to have Fun while doing Masturbation


Raising the toast to the Masturbation month, we are celebrating the ending self pleasure month. Masturbation is about orgasm and organ love. There are loads of activities to gratify our sensuous needs. Whoa!!! I am going to masturbate tonight with a toy. Fortunately, you can play with your body and ding dong ding “MASTURBATE AND MASTURBATE”.

1. Shower in the washroom



Wash, rub and massage your body parts. Play some vibrations along with songs. Move your hands in different body directions.

2. Change positions



Solo makeout you are going to do with yourself. Experiment different body postures and seating.

3. Erotic reading



Anastasia, just come and f*ck each other”. Just read erotic novel, where the protagonist put the partner on bed.

4. Do use lube



In a recent study, around 50% people use lube to reach at orgasm level.

5 . Buy a sex toy

sex toy


You might hear about vibrating toy, but not yet tried. Well, order a toy from Amazon and seek the pleasure. Boys can get nipplegasm and go deep down.

6. Bedroom



Switch off lights, blow some candles and play a romantic music. You will feel super sexy.

7. Explore your body parts

explore body parts

GIF Source: tumblr.com

Get out from erogenous zone and explore your body’s treasure part. Get a feel of arousal and passionate.

8. Watch ‘A’ movies



Surely, it is not a bad idea to watch porn and get the whole information on hardcore making out.

9. Wild imagination

wild imagination


Last night, I was indulged into wild dream. My partner was playing with me orally in the bath tub.

10. Repetition of your actions

repeat actions


Girls, you are blessed with multiple orgasm play. Move your hand here and there, and acknowledge your body.

Breaking the taboo, that females can’t masturbate. I write this post to say that Dear girls don’t be afraid of your gender. Get shit out and love your vagina”. Moreover, females can use lesbian toys or male vibrating toys to have fun tonight.


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