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10 reasons Why Ramadan Fasting is Holy to Muslims


Ramadan Kareem is a spiritual purification of body and soul. Muslim fasting is whole-heartedly based on divinity and belief system. Their rigorous Muslim fasting connects the devotee to their almighty Allah. Ramadan is a way of salvation and redemption. Here are 10 reasons why Ramadan fasting is holy to Muslims community.

1. Focus on Goals


Muslim fasting of 30 days is a combating force which helps to restore faith. In selfish world, we consciously become sinful and disconnected from the real world.

2. Simpleness


Discipline and Detachment from complicated world is challenging. To overcome, the fasting of Ramadan facilitates us to attach our dependence on almighty lord.

3. Controlling desires


The culture and modern world tempted individual in completion of unlimited desires. Consequently, our self discipline and freedom is ended. To liberate our soul and control our mind, fasting in Ramadan is crucial practice.

4. Sympathy and Benevolence


Unfortunately in the creation of Allah, there is no divine grace and empathy. Human beings are holding grudges and complaints. Extreme poverty leads to malnourished and death rate in rapidly increasing. To feel and develop the qualities of compassion and benevolence, Ramadan fasting is intrinsic.

5. Humanity


Humanity and selflessness are the fundamental goals of Ramadan fasting. By fasting, a Muslim devotee gains an insight towards the grace of omnipotence power.

6. Appreciation


Islam’s core purpose is appreciation and gratitude. It is cultivated while doing Ramadan Kareem fasting. One realizes the importance and blessing of Holy Scriptures.

7. Relationship and community


Solidarity is renewed when people open their fast together and eat together. The aura and beauty of belongings is enjoyed while breaking the fast.

8. Health


To improve health and wealth, intake of proteins needs to be reduced. The engine of the body works on balanced metabolism. Fasting allows keeping the body in balanced form.

9. Purification of Soul


Islamic spiritual purification is the significant goal of Ramadan fasting. All components mind, body and soul act as one component and are interrelated.

10. Foundation of Islam


Muslim fasting is one of the Five Pillars of religion. It overcomes the ego and forms a good human being.

Fasting is beyond self-restraint from food. It is an attainment and attachment with Allah, which leads to redemption and salvation.



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