Stephen Hawking: 10 enthralling facts of modern cosmology author Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, well-known prominent physicist died at the age of 76. In the early morning of Wednesday, Stephen Hawking death left his family saying that “We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today”. Stephen Hawking biography and popular science books such as A brief Of History of Time, The Grand Design, The Universe in a Nutshell etc. His work and persistence towards the universe left the people shocked. People  are moaning across the world are condolence the Hawking’s children. The only thing that make Stephen Hawking stand out was his sense of humor. Diagnosed with a motor neurone disease, Prof Stephen Hawking was well known for his work with relativity and black holes. Let’s see out the amazing facts of Stephen Hawking.

1. Love in PhD days

While pursuing PhD from Cambridge University, Stephen Hawking fell in love with a adorable girl name Jane Wilde. She was the Hawking’s sister friend.

2. Contradictory ideology with Pope John 2nd


In the Christian mythology, God is the centre of the universe. To support his opinions about the universe, Stephen Hawking had a argument with John Paul 2nd. Pope acclaimed that that when God created the universe, there is no logic behind the science. Contradictorily, Hawking claimed that it’s science who is the creator of the universe. Stephen Hawking biography has all the answers of this contradiction game.

3. Accepting the Ice-Bucket Challenge


What makes him stand out was his sense of humour? Exactly, Stephen hawking way of attitude of the life proves him as a great legend figure of science. In early 2014, he dared to accept the Ice-Bucket challenge but could not do that because he had a severe pneumonia. Consequently, his children complete the assigned task.

4. Mystery of the world

Stephen Hawking death left the tremendous impact on the people. On the surface of the table, he solved the dark mysteries of the universe. Therefore, one intrigue thing he couldn’t solve was women. For him, women is the secret mystery which no one can solved it. To make yourself persistent do read Stephen Hawking quotes.

5. Losing the bet

On the concept of Black hole, Stephen Hawking had a bet with American Theoretical Physicist John Perskill. In 1997, he lost the bet to him and stated that no substance can escape from the large black hole. He admitted the defeat in 2004. That’s why I said don’t take mess with Science people.

6. Premiered on Television


Stephen Hawking biography has been appeared in many documentaries and shows like Stephen Hawking- Master of the Universe , Star Trek- Next Generation and Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking. Even more, he lent his voice to his animated show – The Simpsons.

7. Educated Family


Dying at the  of 76, Stephen Hawking family was the studious family. From father to his younger sisters, everyone attended the University of Oxford. More than that, they read books while eating the meals. Whoa! such as blending of books and food.

8. Told that you can live for 2 years


Yeah, the great physicist Stephen Hawking was told in 1963, that he can live more 2 years only. After diagnosed with a rare disease of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. This  is a motor neuron disease, and doctors told him that he can live for 2years only.

9. Daring Stephen Hawking


Adventurous Stephen was a part of the famous rowing team at University of Oxford.

10. Made computer

Stephen Hawking, British astrophysicist, is shown in Chicago Monday, Dec. 15, 1986. (AP Photo/Banks)

With a group of friends and Mathematics teacher, Stephen Hawking made a desktop at the St Albans High School. The material used in the computer was- old telephone switchboard and clock parts. Such  a genius freak! Hawking you will always be missed.

Yeah! That was Stephen Hawking passed at the age of 76. May his soul rest in peace.

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